The Sailor Neopets RPG

SNRPG Story - Series I

Here it is, folks . . . the story that this guild was created to write! Forty episodes and we're still going strong. Read them at your leisure.

Join the guild and help continue this saga, or just sit back and watch it play through to the finish...

Episodes after 63 are being written during CoIN's "character update phase", so the characters depicted may be inconsistent. This will all be fixed when the "story update phase" rolls around. (For more information, check the CoIN FAQ.)

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Sprites are adapted from those found at Lycentia's SM Graphics.

Episode 1.1 by Erin
Leslie Tuatara is a loner and an outcast, most persecuted by the vicious Abbie; her odd hair sets her apart from her peers.Then she wins from the Wheel of Excitement a magical chalice and becomes Sailor Lupe - and the epic begins.
Episode 1.2 by Erin
The Faerie Queen explains to Leslie the origin of the Sailor NeoPets, and gives her an Earth Faerie guide to battle an ancient threat that has risen again. So Leslie sets out to find her fellow sailors for help - but Abbie, discovered to be Sailor Chia, has othe rideas.
Episode 1.3 by Brooke
Leslie's new classmate looks even more like a NeoPet: happy-go-lucky Kami Neko holds her hair in pigtails that resemble anAcara's horns, and her nose and eyes are Acara-like. This makesher a target for insults to Abbie's former pal Gami; it also draws her to meet Leslie.
Episode 1.4 by Palla_Mouse
It's Lupe Day, and FirePrinse and Leslie head out to buy him a present. Meanwhile, trouble is brewing at the Trading Post, where two pets have vanished and PallaMouse's pet Aisha has been another unfortunate victim of a magical plushie. When Leslie runs into that trouble, she discovers what makes Lupe Day special for Sailor Lupe.
Episode 1.5 by Madison
Zelda Amaryou is a genius, in Leslie's grade despite being twelve years old - and she has hair that resembles a Zafara's ears. When she strikes up a conversation with Leslie, they become friends instantly; Zelda of course finds Lupe-tail-hair cool.
Episode 1.6 by Palla_Mouse
A one word description of Ji Kouryunno would be "attitude". When a mutant Grundo appears at the Giant Omelette, Leslie is sick and Kami and Zelda each face their second battle - where Ji stomps up and demands proof that the Sailor NeoPets are really heroes.
Episode 1.7 by Madison
While watching the track team of Neopia Central Junior High and its star, Brooke Kinezumi, the Sailor NeoPets learn about the strange mist that Zelda found on her nightstand when she woke up that morning. Sailor Chia, unsurprisingly, decides to attack the track.
Episode 1.8 by Melony
It's the first school day after the end of spring break and Melony's going to be late for school! Meanwhile, Dr. Sloth admonishes a bored Sailor Chia to keep herself occupied by sending a VirtuPet tothe school or something. Something more than Melony's battledome expertiseis needed here.
The Sakhmet Trilogy by Erin
Episode 1.9 - Brucey B wins the Neopian Cheat! Championships hands down. Meanwhile.Dr. F. Sloth has something up his sleeve, which while being played out strands our heroines out in a desert in the middle of nowhere.
Episode 1.10 - The first Neopians to visit the desert city of Sakhmet in years are busy exploring; meanwhile, Sloth, despite snide comments from Sailor Chia all the way through, attempts to enter a massive old kachsphinx statue.
Episode 1.11 - The Sakhmet War begins and the Sailor NeoPets join the fight to save the lost city. Then Sailor Chia takes matters into her own hands and creates something that even our heroines may not be able to defeat.
Episode 1.12 by Madison
Returning from the Lost Desert, the Sailor NeoPets find themselves faced with an even more dire threat: makeup work. Zelda also has to deal with a mocking twin sister, Zoe - and Abbie has to dealwith the aftermath of a colossal mistake.
Episode 1.13 by Brooke
Gami Tenbo, once Abbie's best buddy, is the new scourge of the school's less popular. She has especial fun taunting theSailor NeoPets (not transformed, of course): the "freak parade". Andwhen she follows them into a battle, she doesn't notice when she's in over her head - because she isn't.
Episode 1.14 by Melony
Melony and Naomi fight a lot, of course. Because they're sisters, and that's what sisters do. And somehow Melony always ends up saddled with taking care of her older sister's pets. When the pair get their parents and Melony's friends together for a dinner party, however, an unwanted guest turns up.
The Pirate Duology by Melony
Episode 1.15 - Naomi and Melony are off on a ferry to Maraqua to get some photosof Koi. Unfortunately, Dr. Sloth chose today to prove to the Maraquans that when they defy his pirates' extortion, there are consequences.
Episode 1.16 - The Sailor NeoPets have been brought along with thepirates' prisoners, as has Ko-Kira. They end up on an island full of pirates and creatures resembling dragons.Gettingoff of it is another matter.
Episode 1.17 by Palla_Mouse
Watch out! It's Halloween and spooks are about ... according to the melodramatic and time-wasting assembly that ourheroines are forced to attend. But the last "true" story gives Lesliesomething to think about, and someone to search for this Halloween night.
Episode 1.18 by Ali
Sailor Chia has come up with her best plan yet.This one, she is sure, will defeat the Sailor NeoPets forever - at least,if she can get enough JubJub fur. The Sailor NeoPets aren't around when Jody's four JubJubs get captured; it's up to her to save the day all by herself. Fortunately, she doesn't look like there's a green JubJub sitting on her head for nothing.
Episode 1.19 by Erin
As always, there's a crowd at the Giant Omelette. Interesting things are sure to happen there - and elsewhere in Neopiaon a day when Sailor JubJub meets the other sailors and we see that rumors fly faster than faeries. Meanwhile, two lonely Usul siblings win a trip to the Space Station.
The NPv2 Trilogy by Erin and others
Episode 1.20 - NeoPet version 2 has trapped four children within a VirtuLift ontheSpace Station, and of course our heroines head out to save them. A massive and complex puzzle awaits for those who would deactivate it.
Episode 1.21 - The Sailor NeoPets are having slow but steady success in finding the Grundos who programmed NPv2 and the codes to turn it off. However, they weren't counting on Kelly, the school bully, getting in the way.
Episode 1.22 - The final puzzle pieces are falling together - but now the senshi have a new problem: Sailor Chia is on their heels. With the pets inthe VirtuLift running out of air, the sailors need help - and get it froman unexpected source.
Episode 1.23 by Erin
It's late in the month of Storing, and it's snowing! Everyone heads outside to enjoy Neopia Central's new blanket of winter white.Snow seems to bring mischief, and Leslie and her pets have a number of misadventures; if Sailor Chia gets her way, however, leslie_83 and her pets will be frozen forever.
Episode 1.24 by Sarah
Tammy Naeco has the unfortunate habit of falling asleep in class, and her mischevious Quiggle MrSippy has a habit of causing minorhavoc. On the day of an attack at the school he sneaks along and they get caught up in the Sailor NeoPets' misadventure.
Episode 1.25 by Beth
Christmas Special: Aikouka Burusesuno, Brooke's friend and rival from the track team, invites Brooke and her palsto come over on Christmas Eve for a party and caroling around the neighborhood.Aikouka's in for a memorable Christmas Eve with guests like these!
Episode 1.26 by Morgan
Aviva may be new, but she can stand up forherself, and taking care of a finicky baby Blumaroo gives her the no-nonsenseattitude needed to assert herself when she bumps into Leslie (literally)and Gami makes some nasty remarks. Unfortunately, strength of mindwon't be enough to similarly dissuade Sailor Chia.
Episode 1.27 by Emma
Tora just moved in from Mystery Island. She's had a very different life, a past she won't tell anyone about, and hasnever heard of the Sailor NeoPets or even Dr. Sloth. So when hernew friend Aviva transforms into a super hero, thinking Tora isn't there,whocan blame her for fainting?
Episode 1.28 by Lacey
Sailor Chia's had a bad day. First an impudent girl named Tori Nyugyu had the nerve to ask if she had an emergency at Hubert's Hot Dogs, and then Dr. Sloth told her she was dispensible. As you can imagine, this annoys her quite a bit - so she takes a mutant Grundo out to cause some problems.
Episode 1.29 by Palla_Mouse
Ji's dad's job is taking her family to Mystery Island. Deciding that flight alone will not save Sailor Shoyru if she is attacked, the other Sailor NeoPets vote to send someone with her. Kara Lynn, friend of the sailors, has no school or family ties holding her in Neopia Central. But who will end up protecting who?
Episode 1.30 by Whitney
Venus Anandini is the new girl in school this time. She has long golden hair and no pet-like oddities, so Gami and her crowd might have accepted her - if she hadn't had a klutz attack on her first day. So Leslie becomes her first friend, and Venus invites her on a weekend trip to Mystery Island.
The Maraquan Duology by Morgan
Episode 1.31 - Aviva has had a dream. Not a pleasant one either; it involvesthe destruction of Maraqua and the resurrection of memories long buried,the death of a kingdom and the changed life of a princess.
Episode 1.32 - A battle begins and Aviva has a new Mist of Evian to help her.Of course, she also has to deal with returning memories and the crushing revalation that Sailor Chia throws in her face.
Episode 1.33 by Erin
After several unwelcome memories of Abbie's teasing resurface, Leslie goes back to visit the guild that raised her, seeking solace. What she finds is a place so wonderful that she doesn't want to leave. But abandoning one's life has a price, and bythe time Leslie learns that, it may be too late.
Episode 1.34 by Whitney
Poor Starlee, like many other people in this epic, makes her first appearance late for school. Discussing the horror of its early starting the next day with her friend, she bumps into Whitney and friends. Meanwhile, Sloth is setting somethingnew and possibly terrifying on the Sailor NeoPets.
Episode 1.35 by Caitlin
Maxima Mono just moved in ... along with her huge family! She and her fraternal twin Mat (who has a tail) are good at making friends.Wouldn't you know it, it doesn't take long for Sailor Chia to decide she feels like wreaking a little havoc near where Starlee and her new friendsare hanging out.
The Island Duology by Erin
Episode 1.36 - The whole posse (except for Maxima, who's still settling in) heads down to Mystery Island for the weekend. They weren't expecting to get separated and lost - or, in the case of one unlucky trio, captured!
Episode 1.37 - Several of our heroines are getting to experience the hazards of Mystery Island firsthand. Fortunately, Ji and Kara Lynn - who live here- know how to find lost friends; the question is, can they find them fast enough?
Episode 1.38 by Palla_Mouse
Vicki Pawkeet meets Naomi during a model session of Vicki's two Nimmos. When a mutant Grundo attacks, Vicki shows that martial arts are more than adequate for taking out VirtuPets. Then Vicki wins a poetry contest. The prize? Party invitationsfor the winner and a friend. The catch? It's at the hauntedSki Lodge.
Episode 1.39 by Erin
It may be summer, but it's always snowing on Terror Mountain, where winter weather continues no matter how hot Neopia Central is. That's why Leslie and Luname head up to Neopia's northern pole for a day of fun out of the sun. Oddly enough, a Grunka has the same idea.
Episode 1.40 by Morgan
A leisurely visit to the Healing Springs Spa should be relaxing, right? Not if you're Gami Tenbo and three of the notorious unpopular girls are in the next tub - especially when your friend Bird Sin Gayle is asking how you know them, and you have your embarrassing secret of being a Sailor NeoPet to keep hidden!
Episode1.41 by Morgan
Sailor Eyrie's daring rescue attempt isn't going quite as glamorously as she'd expected. The insidious villain is a brat, the cryptic codes imprisioning the hostage are insultingly simple, and the victim herself seems more irritated than grateful when her rescuer shows up. But a Sailor Neopet has her duty, after all.
Episode 1.42 by Sarah
A peaceful sleepover is ruined when the girls' pets vanish! The only clue to their whereabouts is a note from the Gross Food corporation.The sailors set out to track down their pets, and of courseSloth is involved, but there's something more notorious going on here -involving Tammy's childhood friend, Layla Grandisimo...
Episode 1.43 by Erin
Pets Only Special: It's a lazy, hot summer day and the pets of the Sailor NeoPets are bored. They head down to the Haunted Woods to cool off, and run into a plot of chaotic proportions, spearheaded by EvilChia888. Instead of going back for their owners, the pets decide to try their own hands (paws, claws, etcetera) at saving Neopia for a change!
Episode 1.44 by Erin
Kara Lynn gets asked out on a date - by the handsome Nick Kouryunno, Ji's older brother. Although Ji insists that he'sthe kind of guy you have to be careful around, Kara Lynn has a great timeon her date. Too bad she left her communicator at home, especiallywhen there's an attack on the island.
Episode 1.45 by Erin
Jody's dragging her little brother Kevin home when he spots a terrifying sight: Maxima! The thought of being pounced onand chattered to sends Kevin taking off in the other direction, and whenJody follows him, she runs into more trouble than even Sailor JubJub canhandle. Good thing it turns out she isn't the only sailor there...
Episode 1.46 by Dominique
While Jody's busy recuperating from her last fight in the hospital, she meets the shy, pessimistic Miles Tailor, whose brotheris having his tonsils out. Jody befriends Miles in a heartbeat, andextends an invitation to hang out together. Meanwhile Sailor Chia,who injured Jody last time, makes an attempt to finish the job.
Episode 1.47 by Rosa Maria Varillas
There's a sale at Gyanda Gavelio's shop, with lots ofBattledome items, so naturally Melony and Moehog374 are going to show upand check it out. Unfortunately, Sailor Chia (who else?) also decidesto show up and wreak a little havoc . . . and she might find some informationmore dangerous than weapons in Gyanda's collection of rare books.
Episode 1.48 by Caitie
Homework! Standardized test preparation! Heavy textbooks to cover! Incomprehensible math equations! And, of course, the unavoidable cruelty of the popular snobs . . . yes, folks, it's time for the senshi to go back to school! Leslie's at Inigmah Center for Special Skills, her former classmates are at Neopia Central High, Maxima and Starlee have moved on to NCJH, and the challenge of the school year has begun . . .
Episode 1.49 by Virtuosa
Isis Florien has always made a big splash at Inigmah Center for Special Skills - figuratively and, when she slathers paint on the school walls to make an artistic statement, literally. Then Isis shows up at Neopia Central High to get some books, and while she's in the area there's an attack. I think you can figure out where this is going.
Episode 1.50 by Tammy
Remember how, a long long time ago, Sailor Chia was sent out to gather data on the weaknesses of the Sailor Neopets? A bout of fall cleaning in Sloth's offices turns up the results of that project: Sailor Usul has a borderline addiction to Baby Bottle Pops. Meanwhile, Reiji Mitsurgi - former elementary school acquaintance of Brooke, current swordfighter-in-training - has turned up, just to complicate things.
Episode 1.51 by Erin
Ko-Kira, alias Sailor Scorchio, is a scorman - half human, half scorchio. This makes her faster and stronger than humans - but also more valuable, as the scales on her arms would fetch a hefty price if torn from her (at the cost of her life). Our favorite bad guys exploint this weakness by sending the auspicious Scorman Hunters Guild after her.
Episode 1.52 by Lacey
Pandi Bon and her new pet Aisha YoYo end up in the middle of a rather puzzling conflict. Sure, this 'Chia' girl is on one side and a whole bunch of other short-skirted girls are on the other, but who's in the right? She can't tell at just one glance. Plus, Kaen visits a mysterious faerie and gets some difficult instructions for the sailors.
Episode 1.53 by Erin
Nobody actually transforms in this episode. Between Zelda's night classes plus a date with a fellow prodigy, Ko-Kira's running around to make speeches for her Scorman Rights campaign, Melony's attempts to help out her roommate, and Ji's pondering the offer to join a band, plus of course the house on fire, who has time?
Episode 1.54 by Erin
About that house on fire . . . it burns down, despite the attempts of Sailor Sakasa Zafara to quench the flames. Even if she and the other sailors can get everyone out, what's it going to do to the Scorman Rights campaign when its leader's lupe is badly burned and she has to pull out for a while?
Episode 1.55 by Liz
Leslie's a little unnerved by the new student at Inigmah, one Chase Bennington.  But Leslie's worried for all the wrong reasons - she doesn't know that Chase has gotten curious about the Sailor Neopets.  And to make matters worse, Chase's specialty at Inigmah is Photography.
Episode 1.56 by Juleh
Meet Kintewah . . . your average friendless, lonely, highly emo teenage boy. He's drawn to the beauty of Tori's two-colored eyes, but pulled away by a jealous and scary Gami. But Kint's personal drama is about to get bigger, with mysterious masks, anonymous voices, and one of those nifty little winged pens.
Episode 1.57 by Madison
There's something rotten in the state of Neopia.  A new type of VirtuPet has appeared - like a pale, pink-eyed mouse with an iron helmet on.  Dr. Sloth is even madder than usual - and Sailor Chia's taking the brunt of it.  Oh, and, there's a new sailor in town . . .
Episode 1.58 by Erin
Melony, Ko-Kira, Naomi, and their new NeoHome . . . Tori and the job of designing it . . . Ji and skateboarding, as opposed to her long-term hobby of surfing . . . Ko-Kira and Paul . . . James and Zelda (or is it Zoe?) . . . this could be love!
Episode 1.59 by Amandy
Abbie shows her brains for once by using Sloth's technology to come up with a formula for finding a certain sailor.  The girl in question, Kaida Welsh, can then be targeted and attacked before she gets the chance to transform.
Episode 1.60 by Erin
Four girls take a break from the tiring job of being Sailor Neopets to go see the new Jettsy Depp movie - and, in Venus' case, get a manicure.  But keeping those nice nails undamaged is tricky when you have a responsibility like fighting for the safety of Neopia.

Episode 1.61 by Caitie
Being a Sailor Neopet is tough.  But when you're as nearsighted as Maxima, and you break your glasses, just getting through the day becomes a major challenge.  Put the two together, and it's easy to see that something's bound to go wrong.  (Unless of course you're having trouble with your vision . . .)
Episode 1.62 by Erin
It's very easy to get Leslie to stop what she's doing: just tell her there's a Sailor Neopet battle on the news, and she'll head in whatever direction you point her.  Luname has learned to use this technique - but eventually it'll mean that Sailor Lupe isn't around when she needs her.
Episode 1.63 by Yume
Handsome, suave, and snappy with the comebacks, Anton Rheinhold is one of the darlings of Gami and her crowd. Like most of them, though, he has the potential to be a far better person - and a startling revelation about a few of his classmates pushes him in the right direction.
Episode 1.64 by Rosa Maria
An old friend of Gyanda's dies - meaning that they'd been friends since Gyanda was young, and that the friend was pushing eighty. But the childless, kyrii-loving Cristina left some secrets behind her. Will Gyanda uncover them in time?
Episode 1.65 by Nicole
After taking on the Neopian political system to push for scorman rights, Ko-Kira finds she needs debate in her life. But the NCH Debate Club gets off to a rocky start (and yes, Sailor Chia is involved). Can it survive?
Episode 1.66 by Dominique
When Melony and some friends head down to the Neopian Bazaar for some sports equipment, they run into Marieta Darkwood, a lonely girl with a classic wicked stepmother. The stepmother doesn't approve of Melony, so Marieta, in a burst of defiance, decides to be her friend.