The Sailor Neopets RPG

Bishōjo Senshi Sailor Moon was originally a manga, and Neopets occasionally features interactive plots in comic-strip format.  So it was only natural that the Sailor Neopets eventually debut in comic form.

Alas, this story is pre-CoIN and sorely out of date. One day the artist will get up the motivation to redo it. But it's still worth a read.

SEP   October 2004   

The beginning of a story that takes place simultaneously with Episode 46: Kara Lynn is kidnapped and Ji, with a few of her fellow sailors, sets out to find and rescue her.
Note - Kara Lynn: Unbraided is decidedly edgier than the average SN story, but no worse than the Sailor Moon manga.  For instance, there is artistic nudity, but nothing detailed.  Just so you know ^_^

The sailors duel Kara Lynn's diabolical and powerful 'sister', while Sailor Shoyru is led to the very heart of the situation - the Scorchio who created them both.

With questions answered and one final fight, the sailors return home, but Ji and Kara Lynn still have obstacles to face - from scheduling conflicts to matters of the heart.

Character designs, notes, gags, doodles, and generic extra stuff to complement the storyline.

The SNRPG Comic is hosted on Keenspace.  It's fast, it's free, it's specially tailored for webcomics!