Sailor Xweetok


Name: Samantha Cresena
Birthday: March 19
Zodiag sign: Pisces
Bloodtype: A
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Grade: 9
School: Neopia Central Junior High


Lives with her mother, older brother (plus his Starry Aisha, Tyuirosis), and older sister. Her mother's name is Lilith (also known as Lily), she's forty-eight years old and is basically know as the 'fun mom'. She runs a shop in the Bazaar called the 'Bargain Bin'.

Her older brother is Charles (mainly called Cross). Cross is nineteen years old and currently studying Neopian Archeaology at Neopia Central College. He's basically one of those odd men you can't figure out. On one side, he can be the most boring person you'll ever meet. On the other hand, he's a feminine, pansy version of a ninja. He bakes cookies, he gives flowers to little old ladies and can basically enter a room without anyone noticing.

Her older sister is Charlotte and the oldest of the siblings. She's twenty-three and out of college. At the moment, she working at Novabucks, serving coffee and usually getting begged by Cross for free coffee. She's rather cranky and thinks the Sailor Neopets as 'superheroic brats'.


Sammie has four neopets: Reyalia, Morrikash, Kamoriahi and Ikumiai. Reylia is a fun loving Christmas Lenny who adores Christmas in everyway and hates Borovan for some reason. She's the eldest and never acts like the serious big sister at all.

Kamoriahi is second eldest, but looks like she could be the youngest because she's so tiny in size. She's a rather timid Striped Aisha that usually stays home on the couch, sleeping or reading. She's outgoing with Sammie and her family, but pretty much nobody else.

Ikumiai is after Kamo. She's a sweet, kind and rather naive Christmas Yurble. That's enough said about her.

Morrikash is the youngest and the meanest of them all. He's a cynical and cruel little Purple Yurble. He's cranky a good deal of the time, but is HORRIBLE to everyone when he's shedding. He sleeps on the couch when this happens, just to spite either Cross, Sammie or poor Kamo. This little punk needs to be smacked...badly.


Along with Leslie Tuatara (Sailor Lupe), Sam is also a big fan of Lupe Moon, making them acquaintances by virtue of a common interest. She also has closer friendships with Starlee Matthews (Sailor Gelert) and Maxima Simico (Sailor Mynci) at school. They're the reason why she's beginning to talk to new people more often and helping her open up a little bit more.

Sailor Xweetok, by Amanda


Likes: TV, books, earth faeries, aishas, yurbles, xweetoks, ties, jeans, Korry Batter movies and books, spicy food, shoujo dramas, Lupe Moon, Faetear, CardCollector Rose and wigs.
Dislikes: Emo boys, the color yellow, algebra, P.E, running, the cold, moist towelettes, lemons, angelpusses, her legs, dresses, skirts, shorts.
Hobbies: Watching anime, reading regular books or graphic novels, cosplaying and photography.

Goals for life: To go to college and either follow her dream of becoming a photographer or go with her backup plan of writing fiction chapter books.

Weaknesses: She cannot run far distances and usually gets tired after she runs. Her obession with Korry Batter usually gets her distracted. Put on a Korry Batter movie or give her a book and she's content like a four year old with Barney.
Strengths: She's modest and humble and doesn't let her head get too big when she's complimented.

Best subjects: Neopian History, English
Average at: Science
Worst subjects: Math, Phys Ed

She's the fun-loving kind of girl, but is rather timid at school. If someone comes up to her, she'll talk to them. But don't expect her to walk up to a random person and say hello. She's also the type who obesses over her grades and bites her nails during tests. But she's also imaginitive and comes up with great ideas for art projects and such.


Appearance: She has boyish looking black hair. She has mousy brown eyes, covered by thin glasses. She's 5'1" and is 106 pounds. She's basically your ideal of what a geeky tomboy would reseemble. And her legs are usually covered up because they're slightly chubby and fat, despite the rest of her figure being small.

Sailor Xweetok

Aura: Peru Brown
Secondary Color: Spring Green
Henshin: "Xweetok Neo Power, Make Up!" She snaps her wrist and the pen appears in her hand in a small flash of a light shade of green. Then she says the transformation phrase and then her body glows Spring Green. Then her body appears back to normal in a blast of leaves.
Attack: Xweetok Slash - She crosses her wrists, then up to her hands, it glows green. Then gloves that look very similiar to Xweetok paws replace her normal SN gloves. Then the nails glow green and runs up to the enemy as fast as she can and slashes them.

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