Sailor Gelert

Fast Facts:
Name: Starlee Matthews
Meaning: Starlee = a star sheltered from the storm; Matthews = Donna's gift
Birthday: 8 June/Relaxing
Age: 13 as of Y4 (2.5 years younger than Leslie)
Star sign: Gemini
School: NCJH

Appearance: Starlee is very, very short (4'5") and quite thin (64lbs). Her eyes are large and blue-green with long lashes and her hair is naturally light purple, but she dyed it dark purple except for two light purple streaks at the front. She has freckles.

Starlee looking a bit older than she isFavorite color: All shades of purple
Favorite food: Peanut butter sandwiches, most junk food
Least favorite food: Spicy foods, vegetables
Likes: Fashion, shoes, music, playing pranks, boys, going to shows, punk and emo, Twisted Roses
Dislikes: The colour blue, getting in trouble, sitting around doing nothing, boring people, teachers, school, her school uniform
Strengths: Fashion sense, making split-second decisions, coming up with fun things to do, creative
Weaknesses: Impulsive, reckless, selfish, disorganized, opposed to authority, bad at school
Hobbies: Going to shows, doing dumb stuff with her friends, playing pranks on people, flirting, making clothes

Family: Starlee lives with her mother (JolÓn), father (David) and sister (Hannelore). Her mother is a volunteer at the Soup Kitchen and a million other charities -- she spends more time helping the needy than she does at home or at work. Because of this, Starlee has a lot of responsibility when it comes to housekeeping and chores.

David is a science fiction enthusiast and Zurroball lover, who, though he loves his wife, is somewhat bewildered by her constant need to be on the go.

Her younger sister, Hannelore, is ten years old and has a serious attitude problem. With light brown hair and big brown eyes she charms the socks off her teachers and other adults, but will turn around and destroy, rampage, scream and throw temper tantrums to get her way.

She is cousin to Jaimie (Sailor Bruce): Their mothers are sisters.

Pet: StarLeigh5, a red gelert. Starlee named StarLeigh after herself. StarLeigh is very sensitive and doesn't deal well with bullies. She loves to play with Usukis.

Personality: A risk-taker and a rebel; a boy-crazy music-lover and a wide-eyed little girl who looks up to her big cousin more than anyone else in the world: Starlee is all these things and more.

Her life is about movement and action. She never sits still and never stops to think about anything she does. Every time she thinks of a new project, her friends are dragged with her, whether they like it or not. Whether it's a cute boy, a hilarious prank, an adorable pair of jeans or a hot concert, if Starlee wants it, she grabs for it and doesn't let go . . . until something new comes along.

The two main loves of Starlee's life are cute clothes and pulling pranks. Although she participates extensively in the local music scene, music to her is more of an excuse to wear trendy stuff than anything else. Pranks, of course, would seem to be a natural extension of her impulsive and mischievous nature. Starlee's problem is that she often doesn't know when to draw the line between "funny" and "hurtful"; she considers her own amusement before she considers anyone else's feelings.

As a Sailor

Aura: Dark magenta
Secondary: Turquoise

Transformation: "Gelert Neo Power, Make Up!" She raises her wand in the air and yells this phrase. A turquoise Gelert flies out of her wand and faces her. She picks it up and brings it to herself as if to give it a hug, but as she hugs it, it disappears into her body in a glow of turquoise and magenta shimmers, and her uniform appears.

Attack: "Gelert Crescent Kick!" Sailor Gelert begins running towards her enemy. She jumps up and kicks the air, and as she does so a trail of magenta light follows her foot and forms the shape of a crescent. The crescent flies at the enemy like a boomerang, destroying or hurting as it hits.

Often the butt of her pranks is her good-natured but somewhat melancholic older cousin, Jaimie Manchot. Starlee looks up to Jaimie and wants to be exactly like her in everything; this is the catalyst of her recent attempts to dress "scene" and listen to emo music.

She's chronically disorganized and doesn't do well at school. Unlike her more shy and studious best friend, Maxima (Sailor Mynci), she doesn't get along well with her teachers, rarely turns in her homework on time, and often skips class. Her worst school-related offence is chronically altering the uniform: Not wearing regulation shoes, wearing fishnets instead of socks, shortening her skirt, shortening her shirt . . . NCJH's uniform is just one big fashion project for Starlee.

Starlee is also not very loyal or dependable. She has a terrible memory and is often late or just not there because she was so busy with some random project she'd got caught up in. She tends to take to things very intensely and then utterly forget about them once she finds something she likes better, and she has yet to break her habit of doing this with people, too.

When Starlee discovered boys, she knew she'd never look back, and she didn't -- it's the one thing she's actually managed to stick to. Flirting nonstop, it seems, for almost two years, Starlee still has yet to find herself a boyfriend but certainly not for lack of trying, and recently seems to have set her sights on a common goal with Maxie . . . .

At her heart, Starlee is extremely creative and is full of new ideas. The reason she never stops moving is that her head is so full. She has a lot of potential, but possibly not the attention span to use it. Whether she will gain this remains to be seen.

How to Write Starlee:
- In battle, she attacks ruthlessly and never runs away -- but is easily distracted and careless. She often gets injured.
- She drags her friends into doing stupid things, even dangerous things, even immoral things. However, her intentions are never bad. Don't have her shoplift, purposely injure anyone, or vandalize.
- She's a very busy girl. There are no limits to what kind of dumb, reckless, stupid, weird, and impossible undertakings she'll be on, but she never seems to finish any of them.
- Whenever her friends need her, she's there . . . an hour and a half later . . . with two great new pairs of shoes and a cheeseburger . . . and a cute guy she picked up on Mystery Island.
- She's never at home and never checks her Neomail. Her friends have learned that if they really need her, they have to use their communicators, and even that doesn't work half the time.

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