Sailor Mynci

-vital stats-
Name: Maxima 'Maxie' Alexandra Simico
Name Meaning: Greatest Simian
Username: faerie_without_wings
Age and Birthday: February 2, 13 as of Year 4
Blood Type: AB
Hair: Thin, fluffy, and light brown. It varies in length but is normally either shoulder length or just below. She tries to keep in in check by occasionally trimming it. She does this because she wants to make sure people don't make fun of her for looking unruly, since they make fun of her for being weak. She puts blonde highlights in her hair when she can. Also, she has cheek-length bangs that she always parts to the side.
Eye Color: Cyan
Weight and Height: Maxie is 109 lbs. and she is 4'11.
Nationality: Maxie is descended from a Meridellan kingdom similar to what we would call Spain.
-personality traits-
Maxie is very loyal to her friends, of which she has a lot. She loves them all dearly and has a very hard time saying no to them, which can get her into trouble sometimes. She is a bit reckless, not knowing when to stop sometimes. She's very unselfish and normally thinks of others before herself. She's rather sneaky and good at getting her way, so she uses these abilities to help out her friends. She prefers working 'behind the scenes' and sneakily rather than coming right out and facing the action. Because of this, people tend to look past her and not give her any credit.

She's a bit of a dreamer and always sets her hopes rather high, higher than they should be, and a lot of the times that gets crushed because she sets ridiculously high goals. She's very idealistic, and will only see the good in people, refusing to see the bad. This often gets her into trouble and is why she hasn't seen that being friends with Starlee may be a bad thing. Maxima is sometimes picked on for her intelligence. Therefore, she likes to hang out with older kids that she knows will not make fun of her (Jaimie and Jody).

Sometimes, when Maxie is helping out her friends with something, she'll think that she is doing herself a favor, when in all actuality she is just giving them the upper hand. This is known by most people and causes people to use her a lot. She'll always have a hard time seeing that things won't always be perfect, but one day she will realize it and it'll take someone very close to her to show it to her.

Maxie is very obsessive over the false personalitites she creates for her real friends and family, which is why she is so obsessed with Kevin. She refuses to see the Kevin that rejects her, which is why she continues to persue him. She only sees the Kevin in her mind, which is why she is so stubborn. She refuses to see people's true colors, and instead only sees what she wants to see, hears what she wants to hear, etc.

Maxie lived in Faerieland for most of her life, when her father was a psychologist who worked with several partners. She lived around the block from siblings Jody (Sailor JubJub) and Kevin (Sailor Kiko) and developed a crush on him there. After her father had a huge fallout with his partners, the family packed up and moved to Tyrannia - only to discover that there isn't a huge call for therapists there. So the Simico family moved to Neopia Central.

Maxie has known Kevin for most of her life, and for most of her life she has had a schoolgirl crush on him. However, since she moved to Neopia Central, it has become less of an innocent crush and more of an obsession, complete with stalking. She found out where Kevin and Jody live in Neopia Central (when spending time with their mother, who moved there after their parents divorced) thanks to some spying, and since then has been spying on Kevin from trees and in school.

-people she likes-
Maxima's best friend is Starlee Matthews (Sailor Gelert). They have both started dressing "scene" to emulate their role model (and brother David's babysitter) Jaimie Manchot (Sailor Bruce). She is partly doing it for the attention of her crush, Kevin (Sailor Kiko). She also looks up to Leslie Tuatara (Sailor Lupe) for her leadership qualities.

Maxie's normally a smart girl, very book smart, but her grades do sometimes suffer in English because not only is that her least favorite class, she takes a hall pass to go watch Kevin in his classes. Kevin doesn't really like her that way just yet; he thinks the stalking is rather annoying. However, he knows how she is so just accepts her as a friend.

Maxima admires the relationship her mother has with her father. It is very loving and her father dotes on her mother, and her mother helps him out in any way she can. She really looks up to her parents and wishes Kevin could be like that to her someday.

Food: Apple Chia Pops
Drink: Original Brand Neocola
Sport: Bicycling and BMX
Television Show: The N.C.
Musical Styles: Indie Pop, New Wave, and Emo
Musical Groups: The Neomail Service, Franz Fuzinand, Death Cab for Lupie, Rilo Kyrii, Lupus Wainwright, Kikougheler
Video Game: Call Of Duty: Meridell vs. Darigan
Class: Study Hall, so she can read a good book instead of the stupid ones they read in English.
Obsessions: The mall, being scene, Kevin, faeries, pizza, BMX, how cute Alex Kougranos from Franz Fuzinand is

Maxima has a HUGE family: two sisters and six brothers, plus both parents and her pets. In order of age, the siblings are: David (3), Jeanna (9), Mat (Maxie's twin, 13), Tom (14), Nikolas (16), Narcissus and Tristaine (twins, 17), and Frederick (18).

Jeanna Simico: Jeanna is Maxie's 9 year old sister. She's sort of stuck up and bossy. She and Maxie share a room, and they don't have a very good relationship. Jeanna bosses Maxie around, but since Maxie has a hard time saying no to loved ones, she does what her little sister says. Jeanna has a darker brown hair color than Maxie, but not by much.

Tristaine Simico: Tristaine is Maxie's older sister, who is 17 and also has a twin brother, Narcissus. She loves the fact that their parents gave some of them such extravagant sounding names, and insists on calling Maxie by her full name, Maxima, which she LOATHES. Maxie, however, is on good terms with Tristaine, who helped Maxie get into music, even though the two have totally different tastes. Tristaine enjoys goth rock and metal, but she knows a lot about other types of music. She used to have light blonde hair, before she dyed it dark plum. Her eyes are bright yellow.
-maxie's pets-
MojoJojo5991: Mojo is a young green Mynci. She's rambunctious, stubborn, and vengeful. She also loves Kevin and gets into fights with Maxie about him. She can be a little rude at times, and is also Maxie's alarm clock in the morning. She was adopted.
Fyrepryncess: Fyrepryncess is Maxie's new red Lupe. Maxie created her after meeting Leslie. She's happy and carefree and hyper ALL THE TIME. It's the complete opposite of Mojo. They don't like each other.

Matthew "Mat" Simico: Maxie also has a very good relationship with her identical twin brother, Mat. Mat is best friends with Kevin, and he is smarter than most kids his age, so he was raised a grade to be in Kevin's year. Maxie and Mat fight like siblings, but they enjoy a lot of the same things, including riding bicycles, going to the mall, and rock music (although Maxie prefers emo and Mat likes punk rock). They go hand in hand. If you invite one somewhere, the other will definitely follow. He found out about herjob as Sailor Mynci in episode 1.61 and is very eager to help the SN get whenever they need. For example, he is very strategic and can often form good battle plans, and also help solve mysteries. He will NOT lend Maxie his glasses unless she is Sailor Mynci, because then the fate of Neopia partly depends on her. He likes to watch her suffer, but he's mostly a good kid. He has the same color brown hair as Maxie and cyan eyes. He has one Kacheek, named Gu_ru637, one Ixi named Deerdevil238, and one Mynci named Myncinacutiepie (she was adopted at the same time as Mojojojo5991).

Tom Simico: Tom is 14 years old. He's very gentle and kind to Maxie, and it sort of creeps her out sometimes. She goes to him for advice about anything from boys to English assignments. He is also 'in the closet'. He has light blonde curly hair and dark green eyes.

Frederick Simico: Frederick is Maxima's oldest sibling; he is 18 and currently does not live with the family. He does, however, stop by on weekends and hangs out with Narcissus and Tristaine. He owns his own small concert hall where local and indie bands play every Friday, styles ranging from hardcore to horror to indie to goth-rock. The club is directed to people ages 18 and under, but older people do come, and it is made sure that it is drug free. Maxie has a special bond with him because this club brought them together as well musically. He has dyed black hair and green eyes. His natural hair color is blonde, and he also dresses scene, so he influenced Maxie there as well as musically.

Nikolas Simico: Nikolas is Maxie's 16 year old brother. He is rather lazy and often falls asleep during class. The family doesn't like him very much because he slacks off in everything, so Maxie doesn't have a good relationship with him. He has the same color hair as Maxie.

Narcissus Simico: When his parents named him, they did it aptly. Narcissus is Maxie's 17 year old jerky brother (whom she despises), and also the twin to Tristaine. He enjoys skateboarding and also likes goth rock. He thinks that all the girls want him and acts macho around them. (Although he really likes Leslie deep down, he treats her just like other girls.) He likes to pick on some girls and do things that makes them uncomfortable, much to the delight of his friends. He does have one good asset, though: he's a good cook, and when he actually gets a girl he can be a true gentleman. He has naturally dirty blonde hair, but he dyes it plum to match Tristaine's, and yellow eyes.

David Simico: David is Maxie's 3 year old brother. He is very rambunctious and is still going through his "let's run around the house in our underwear and a dishtowel and pretend to be superheroes" phase. Once he did this at preschool and got in a LOT of trouble for it. Maxie likes him; she thinks he has a lot of spunk and is funny.

Lois Simico: Lois is Maxie's mother. She is middle-aged and has brown hair. She doesn't know much book-wise, but she has a lot of common sense and keeps up to date on the news. She takes no nonsense whatsoever, coming from having many kids. She can be a bit dippy at times, but mostly she's levelheaded.

Steven Simico: Steven is Maxie's father. He is middle aged and has blonde hair that is graying around the edges. He is a therapist, a psychologist to be exact, who fell out of his old job in Faerieland after heated disputes with his partners. He is constantly trying to analyze his kids. It mostly ticks them off, but later on it turns out he is right. This has become a running gag.

-sailor mynci-
Aura: lime green
Secondary Colour: banana yellow
Henshin Phrase: Mynci Neo Power, Make Up!
Henshin Sequence: Maxie begins to shimmer and glow, and a vine materializes in front of her. She begins to swing on it, and as she swings, her uniform materializes on her.
Attack: Mynci Punch!
Sailor Mynci's hand glows green and yellow, and she charges up to the enemy as fast as she can at the current time, and punches them hard. However, Mynci can chicken out and it will feel like a small poke to the enemy.
Attack Note: The senshi who collaborates with Mynci most is Gelert. Mynci and Gelert call out their attack names one after the other, then Mynci jumps on Gelert's back like a piggyback ride and they slam into the enemy.

-mist of evian-
Mist Name: Fata (italian for Fairy) mist
Mist Senshi Name: Sailor Fata Mynci
Aura: shimmering lime green
Secondary: shimmering banana yellow
Fata Henshin: Mynci curls up in a ball of light. The bones of her shoulders extend out of her back and grow to be very large. Then they turn into filmy green wings. Her uniform begins to shimmer, and all her bows become translucent.
Fata Attack: Mynci Pixie Dust!
Mynci floats above the enemy and sprinkles particles of a faerie element onto the enemy. It is chosen at random, like in Scorchy Slots.

-How do I write her?-
  • She's a typical teenage kid. Obsessive, gets into trouble sometimes. Remember that she's constantly talking about her scene label, though, but only around Kevin...
  • Bring Mat with her, as well as Mojo and perhaps Fyrepryncess.
  • Don't make her attack first in battle, wait for others and make her have a sneak attack.