Maigrey, by Amanda

Sailor Bori


Name: Maigrey "Mai" Kate Ashford
Username: choir_girl_mai
Age: 16 as of Y4 (10 months older than Leslie)
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 132 lbs
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Bluish-black
Birthday: 18 Running
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Blood type: B
Favorite Food: Fundus fruit tea, tigersquash cakes
Hobbies: Singing, drawing, daydreaming, playing the piano
Favorite Colors: Dark blue, silver, green

Likes: Kaimen Grandissimo, English class, sweets, boris, classical music (such as Moezart and Bruthoven), daydreaming, art, hot chocolate, tea
Dislikes: Gym class, math, spicy food, social gatherings, skimpy clothing, sports, coffee
School: Neopia Central High School, Tyrannia Mountain High School (11)


Maigrey doesn’t usually talk very much (except when she is nervous - then she talks too much), and she has very few friends - partly a result of moving so often. She has a cheerful disposition, but she wistfully longs for more friends - she is very shy, so she isn’t very sociable. When she is alone, she imagines what having lots of friends and being well-liked would be like. She is very unsure of herself, partially because she couldn’t singlehandedly remedy the problems caused by her mother’s death and her father’s resulting alcoholism. Of course, she was only 11-12 when this happened - she couldn’t be expected to handle it - but she still feels inadequate.

Despite her shyness and insecurity, Maigrey generally tries to keep an optimistic attitude about life. However, she really doesn’t know how to make or keep friends. She will talk too much or too little-- and the other person will find something ‘better’ to do. It’s partly Maigrey’s fault that she doesn’t have friends because of this, but if just one person took the time to get to know her, they would probably be pleasantly surprised. Maigrey doesn’t have much opportunity to find such people, however, as she hates social gatherings. The idea of standing or sitting around in a room talking and/or eating with a large amount of people that she doesn’t know very well strikes her as rather stupid.

Maigrey, by AmandaMaigrey is also very sensitive-- more so than one would think at first glance. It really does hurt her that she isn’t well-liked, for example. Also, when she gets a crush on someone, it’s because she could see a future with him. She isn’t the type to like someone on a whim or based solely on physical attraction, popularity, or wealth-- and that goes for friendships as well.

She isn’t annoyed very easily, and is usually rather easygoing. Maigrey tends to space out very easily in class, which is the main reason why she gets Bs instead of As. She enjoys drawing(though she’s not very good), as well as singing. She is in the concert choir at Neopian Central High School(she has never tried out for any of the more prestigious choirs; she doesn’t think she’s good enough). She can also play the piano fairly well.

Maigrey would be very reluctant to fight, but she will to protect people who are important to her-- such as her friends, her family, and Kaimen Grandissimo. She would be nervous in battle, afraid to make a fatal mistake, and would hesitate in attacking. She wouldn’t be spouting off clever insults or battle cries, either. However, she would be dependable. She is also calm, even in a crisis, so she would be valuable in that regard.

Strengths: Imaginative, patient, easygoing, intelligent, openminded, responsible, independent, optimistic, artistic
Weaknesses: Slightly antisocial, unsure of self, zones out easily, sometimes talks too much, easily bored, shy, indecisive
Goals: To be more assertive, to gain friends, to be able to protect those that she cares about

Appearance: Maigrey has black hair with a bluish tint to it. She has chin-length bangs that frame her face, and usually wears the rest of her hair in a braid. She has an oval face and glasses, and is of medium build. Outside of school, she usually wears jeans and fairly casual blouses. She occasionally wears earrings.


Mai lives in a small house with her two pets in Neopia Central. However, since that house burned down, she is living with her father, brother, and sister n a midsize stone house in the Tyrannian jungle.

Maigrey, by Amanda


Father, Jonathan Ashford, 40

Jonathan is and always has been sensitive and sweet, and loved his wife with all of his heart. He will probably never be able to love anyone else the same way again. He also has never been much of a disciplinarian - Cassius and Cambria can get a little spoiled sometimes - because his wife Maritsa took that part of parental duties. However, he is very protective of his children, and worries about them. He is very proud of Maigrey for coping so well with his alcoholism and her mother’s death, but feels unable to protect her and take care of her as he feels he should. Jonathan has dark brown hair, gray eyes, a few early wrinkles, and a kind smile.

Aunt, Clare Ashford, 38 (22 years older than Mai); she is a strong, overbearing, and nosy woman who doesn’t believe her brother Jonathan can take care of himself or his family anymore. She visits almost daily to ‘see how they’re doing’, a visit which Jonathan, Cassius, and Cambria alike dread. Clare is a large woman - not overweight, simply large - with brown hair and green eyes, and her expressions are usually akin to iron.

She micromanages her brother’s life and family, despite the fact that she isn’t wanted - she doesn’t even seem to notice that fact. In fact, she still thinks of her brother as a depressed, suicidal alcoholic, and doesn’t want to let him out of her sight for a moment. Even though he is older, she treats him like a child - making sure that he goes to his alcoholism support group every week, reminding him to buy groceries, etc. Clare is rather closedminded, and refuses to believe that perhaps the family could survive without her constant supervision.

She respects Maigrey for dealing so well with Jonathan’s problems after his wife’s death, but doesn’t trust Cassius whatsoever. She sees him as a child still, partly because he was too young to help his sister deal with the crisis after their mother’s death, partly because of his rebellious ‘average’ grades. She constantly lectures him about the grades and about how little he supposedly gets done around the house, despite Jonathan’s protests, despite the fact that her lectures make him want to try even less. However, those two don’t have the open conflict that Clare has with Cambria. She tries to discipline Cambria heavily for even minor offenses, such as forgetting to take out the trash, but Cambria absolutely refuses to listen. Jonathan tries to act as a mediator, but neither will give in. This makes for strained family relations, and a tumultuous household.

Mother, Maritsa Ashford, deceased at age 30 (was 20 years older than Mai); she was beautiful and fiery, but not at all high-maintenance. She always did the home improvement type chores in the household-- and enjoyed doing them. Maritsa never was much of a housewife. She worked at the gardening store when they lived in Central Neopia, and at the harbor when they lived on Mystery Island. Maritsa could be a little sharp with her children because she had a temper, but she was kind and loving. She and Maigrey were very close.

Brother, Cassius Ashford, 14 (2 years younger than Mai); he tends to keep to himself at home, but at school he is fairly popular - especially with girls. He has a sort of ‘young handsome dreamer’ appearance with his slightly shaggy brown hair, his gray eyes, and his habit of staring off into space. However, he is rather standoffish with the girls that admire him - sometimes even cruel. This makes him look like a typical, stuck up, popular teenager to others. However, Cassius is really a kind person. He loves his little sister more than anything, and spends a lot of time with her, even just to play childish games. He just doesn’t like dealing with society. Cassius doesn’t realize how much he hurts people sometimes; he uses his standoffish attitude like a protective shell. He does have friends, but they’re the sort of friends he can go to concerts with or talk to about shallow things between classes. They aren’t friends that he can talk to about personal, private issues - so Cassius keeps almost all of his emotions bottled up. He would love to have a friend he can trust, but even he doesn’t realize how much he wants such a friend.

Cassius feels stifled at home. His father is overprotective of both him and Cambria, and his aunt Clare is rather overbearing and nosy with the whole family. Though Cassius is 14, his aunt expects him to stay right where he is. She doesn’t think he’s worth much, unlike Maigrey - because he didn’t singlehandedly or jointly with Maigrey deal with the family crisis after their mother’s death (that happened when he was only 9 or 10). Clare doesn’t believe that Cassius is independent or responsible enough to live on his own. Cassius doesn’t believe that his aunt even bothers to get to know him before saying such things - and he’s right.

In school, Cassius gets average grades; he would get better grades if he bothered to try. His aunt lectures him often about this, which makes him even less likely to work hard in school. The average person who knows Cassius (except for his sisters) would see him as a content, average teenager, but he’s actually quite unhappy. He wants to get away from his overbearing family, but he doesn’t see how he can do so at this point in time.

He and Maigrey are fairly close; they have a good, friendly relationship as siblings. They do argue sometimes, but of course that’s normal for a brother and sister. Cassius feels that Maigrey is too busy and too old for her family now that she’s moved out, and feels kind of left-behind and left-out. He is glad that she’s temporarily living at home again.

Sister, Cambria Ashford, 8 (8 years younger than Mai); she is precocious for her age, and could easily skip a grade, but her father doesn’t like the idea of her being with students older than herself. She tends to act somewhat spoiled - partly because she has never had any real discipline - and doesn’t really listen to anyone but her father, who is too soft-hearted to discipline her. She has conflict with her aunt Clare, whom she does not like because Clare is so strict and overbearing. Her father pleads with her to be respectful and good for her aunt, but for Cambria, not giving in to her aunt is a point of pride. This is one of the very few things that she refuses to listen to her father on, and he does not press her to obey him.

Cambria likes to play board games - usually children’s board games, but she has been getting into chess lately, an interest which makes her family a little nervous because of her intelligence - and her brother Cassius is only too happy to play them with her (even though she almost always beats him). She also enjoys Spell-or-Starve, Destructomatch, and Cheat (when she can sneak out to play it; her father and aunt don’t like her ‘gambling’). Cambria isn’t very imaginative, certainly not like her sister, and likes things that have a set solution - whether they are language, math, or science related. Her favorite toy is a graphing calculator.

Cambria is at the top of her class at Stone Circle Elementary, where she is in the third grade. She intends to go to Inigmah Center for Special Skills, followed by Vale University or another such prestigious college. She wants to be a top scientist for a well-known lab or organization as well - all dreams that she is likely to realize. She is bad at interacting with others, except for her siblings and father, and doesn’t see a need for friends. She would rather spend her time furthering her own goals - Cambria is extraordinarily ambitious for her age.

Despite her intelligence, ambition, and overall precociousness, Cambria can be a fairly normal 8-year-old in some situations. She hates not getting her way, and her stubbornness is of a very childish sort. She is naive, and sees the world in shades of black and white. She dislikes being alone, despite her dislike for other people, and is usually in the company of her older brother Cassius. If he were to move out, she would be very upset. This is one of the reasons he stays with the family. She is on good terms with Maigrey, whom she looks up to, and with Cassius, whom she adores. She also loves her father deeply, though she cannot stand her aunt. Cambria has long, dark hair, green eyes, and olive skin - she takes after her mother heavily.


Maigrey was born in Central Neopia, and lived there until she was seven. She was a fairly normal girl at that time, with a few close friends. However, her family moved to Mystery Island as a result of her father’s job change when she turned 7. She didn’t much like the transition, and her friends never wrote to her even though she wrote numerous letters to all of them. This made Maigrey a bit cynical at an early age, and she didn’t make very many friends - none close friends - there at school. When she was 10, her mother died of a tropical disease. Her father, in particular, was crushed with grief. He couldn’t stand to live in the house where his wife passed away, and so he made the decision to move the entire family to Happy Valley.

Sailor Bori, by Amanda The first year or so there, Jonathan was simply withdrawn. He worked at the scratchcard kiosk, and blindly handed out cards all day on autopilot. However, then he began spending more and more money on alcohol and scratchcards - and less and less time with his family and at home. Maigrey, at the age of 11, became responsible for the care of her 3-year-old sister Cambria and for making sure that her 9-year-old brother went to school. She even worked part-time at the slushie shop. Naturally, her own grades began to slip, and she was constantly exhausted. The family fell deep into debt by the time she turned 12. Fortunately, this (and the arrival of Maigrey’s aunt Clare) worked as a wake-up call to Jonathan. With his sister’s help, he moved the family to Tyrannia - Clare bought a cheap house for them and found Jonathan work at the furniture store. While Jonathan finally began to overcome his grief, Clare helped to take care of Cambria. He joined a support group as well, and they began to get their lives back on track.

When Mai turned 13, she got her own account and adopted her first pet, a wocky. She stayed at home, however, unsure that her father would really be all right without her. When she turned 14, she finally moved with her Wocky to Neopia Central on her savings - at her aunt Clare’s urging. Her aunt even paid for part of the house and for the Neohome insurance. Maigrey started going to Neopian Central Junior High, and started working part-time at the bookstore. She was teased a lot - she had been teased slightly at the other schools she’d gone to, but never this much. She tried to not let it upset her too much, but she never understood what could cause people to be so cruel. Maigrey withdrew even further from other people.

When she was 15, she started at Neopian Central High School. She joined the choir, but didn’t do much else extra-curricularly. Her slight spaciness in classes she didn’t like, as always, invited reprimands and even more teasing. She began to ignore it. Maigrey wasn’t miserable; she just wished that she had friends. Certainly, she had some acquaintances in various classes, but that was all they were - acquaintances.

Only a few months after she started her second year of high school, her house burned down in a freak fire that Maigrey assumed was accidental. Fortunately, she and her pets all escaped unhurt - and her insurance covered the damages. Her worried father insisted that she move back in with him and her siblings while her home was rebuilt, and she did so. She is temporarily commuting to school.

Maigrey meets Layla Grandissimo (Sailor Elephante) by chance, and the two become friendly (though not close). Maigrey also meets Layla’s older brother, Kaimen - and gets a crush on him right away. Also, in her second year of high school, she meets Neva Rosensteel (Sailor Poogle) through her choir, of which Neva is the piano accompanist. The two become close friends, which is a surprise to Maigrey. She looks up to Neva and worries that she will do something or say something to make Neva stop liking her. However, she has no idea that Neva has a crush on her. Maigrey will also, in the far future, create a bori named Adagio_63.


Wemzicle7, female yellow Wocky: she is generally easygoing and down to earth.She is equivalently an older teen, almost an adult, and her nickname is Wemzy. Wemzicle doesn’t require much, and isn’t picky at all. She isn’t shy, either.

Wemzicle has a tendency to be a little preachy sometimes, and also to be closedminded. She serves an important function, however: keeping Maigrey from walking into things or zoning out at bad moments. Wemzicle also helps Maigrey study. She works part-time at the smoothie shop.

Adagio_63, female blue Bori: Adagio is everything that Wemzicle is not: she is extremely timid, easily upset, and has a nervous disposition. She is equivalently a child, and hates being left alone. Adagio can be just as spacey as Maigrey, and is often even spacier. However, she is openminded. She loves to sing, though she isn’t very good at it, and Maigrey is always trying to keep her from singing - or trying to teach her how to sing well. She and Maigrey are even closer than Maigrey and Wemzicle, probably because they share so many personality traits and because Maigrey creates Adagio.

Sailor Bori, by Amanda

Sailor Bori

Aura: Sea green
Secondary: Bluish grey

Transformation: Maigrey raises her transformation pen above her head and calls out, “Bori Neo Power, Make Up!” Shining sea green light rains down on her from above, covering her body in light that looks like fur. She spins very quickly several times, and the sea green furlike light spins off her body to reveal her sailor senshi uniform.

Attack: Sailor Bori raises her right arm above her head and calls out “Bori Scratch!” Long claws (approximately a meter long) made of blue light slide from between her fingers. She runs forward and slashes at the enemy with the claws.

How to write Maigrey

- Maigrey is shy, and somewhat antisocial. She isn’t friends with many people and will probably not make friends with many of the Sailor Neopets. Therefore, she is unlikely to go to sleepovers and parties - even with other Sailor Neopets.
- Maigrey’s pets sometimes will stay on their own at her Neohome, as Wemzicle is almost an ‘adult’ and can care for Adagio. However, Adagio hates this arrangement, as she is very attached to Maigrey, so they only stay on their own if Maigrey absolutely has to go somewhere and absolutely cannot bring them along. So, please don’t have them apart from Maigrey unless she absolutely has to go somewhere without them.
- Maigrey is quiet and unsure of herself; she fights because she has to to protect the people important to her, not because she wants to. She won’t be yelling any battle cries or clever insults.
- By the way, that also means she won’t be engaging in much small talk.
- Maigrey has a crush on Kaimen Grandissimo; she isn’t likely to be ogling other guys. Even if she looks at other guys with friends, she will probably compare them unfavorably to Kaimen.
- She is calm in most situations, even in a crisis. It takes a lot to upset her.