Sailor Poogle

Name: Neva Rosensteel
Meaning: "Snow"; an old township name that means "Valley of roses"
Nickname: "Twig"
Age: 16 as of Y4 (Leslie + 1 year, 1 month)
Birthday: 4th Sleeping
Zodiag sign: Capricorn
Bloodtype: A
Favorite food: Cappucinos
Hobbies: Playing the piano
Favorite colors: Red, gray, black, white
Likes: Her Poogle, classical music, psychology, cute things, rain, jazz music
Dislikes: Morals that get in her way, being called a twig, cold places, being so tall and skinny, lound and crowded places, failure, snow
School: Neopia Central High

Appearance: Neva is tall and slender (almost to the point of being gangly) with not much in the way of feminine curves. She is rather plain-looking; not very pretty. Her fingers are long and slender, perfect for playing the piano. She has long dark red hair that she often ties up in a high ponytail, a braid, or a bun; and has two separate thin ponytails on either side of her head. Neva herself, naturally, doesn’t think it’s a very odd style. She has gray eyes and a scar on her right cheek, as well as a longer scar(3 inches or so) on her left arm near her wrist.

Outside of school, she normally dresses a little unconventionally. For example, she often wears guys’ button down shirts that are the right length, but baggy. They add substance to her slender frame, which is partially the point. They’re also comfortable. She usually wears jeans(or nice pants at school), preferring not to bother with skirts. However, for anything formal, she will wear a dress.

Height: 5'8"
Weight: 120 lbs.
Eyes: Gray
Hair: Dark red


Neva is fairly popular because she is the choir accompanist. She is teased (though not often) for both her odd hairstyle and her body; sometimes she is called 'twig' because she's so skinny and tall (which she hates; she envies girls with less awkward proportions). Neva isn't hurt by this rare teasing as she doesn’t really care what others think; it just annoys her - and when the people who tease her realize that she doesn’t react to it, they stop. She would get rather angry if it continued for a long period of time, however.

As for other people, she has a fair amount of acquaintances, but only a few close friends. As long as she is in a good mood, Neva will be polite and fairly friendly. She isn’t too social, but she isn’t really a loner either. She won’t ignore or snap at someone who randomly talks to her, even if she doesn’t know them, unless she is in a particularly bad mood. However, she is unlikely to start a conversation with someone whom she does not know well.

She can be pessimistic, and is selective when it comes to her few close friends(though she does not dislike people on principle). Also, she is an atheist; she does not believe in Donna (or in Neopian lore). Neva will not believe anything that she cannot see proof for and thinks the gods are merely a faerie tale made up to comfort people in times of hardship. This contributes to her protective nature; she doesn’t trust in gods to protect the ones she loves, and therefore she takes it upon herself. She would also think of ‘spiritual’ people like Skye Welsh (Sailor Skeith) as silly.

Neva can be quite romantic due to her passionate nature, and finds other girls attractive - not boys. She has never really questioned this in herself. When she was told by someone that her orientation was perverse and wrong, she got angry at first, but now she doesn't think much of it. She has been told so often that many things about herself are wrong, strange, perverse, etcetera, that she has just stopped listening. Even now she won't listen if someone tells her that something is wrong with her - although it may be a genuine flaw. The main exceptions to this are her piano teacher and, in battle, Sailor Lupe.

Neva is very passionate at achieving her goals, though she rarely does anything unethical to do so. However, her primary goal is often protecting the people/pets whom she cares about most; she is above all a ‘protector’ - and in that, she tends to have a rather skewed sense of morals. She operates on a principle slightly akin to ‘an eye for an eye’ in this. If someone or something hurts her sister, her pet, or eventually Maigrey (Sailor Bori), Neva will become almost sadistically vindictive towards the offender. The line between Neva's maternal protectiveness and this occasional vengeful sadism isn't always clear.

Neva deeply loves her only pet, a Poogle. She is overprotective of her pet out of this love, and fears that something will happen to her. She also has a soft spot for cute things (and sometimes people). In sharp contrast to her protectiveness, Neva isn't terribly good at controlling her emotions; she has a fair amount of outbursts due to her passionate nature. The emotion that slips through most often is anger; she is very temperamental. She can also be irrational when angry.

She is also talented at playing the piano, though she plays aggressively - in almost a violent manner. She has played it since she was four, and it is a major part of her personality. She often plays to escape the world and to release her pent-up emotions. Neva, due to this skill, is the accompanist for the Neopia Central High School choirs among other things. She gets a fair amount of money for these performances, so her talent could almost be called a job.

Neva is very responsible and therefore does well in school. She has a heavy courseload with many honors-level classes, which, along with her many piano engagements, keep her quite busy. Neva prefers this; she gets bored very easily if she has nothing to do, and she has a type A personality. However, she also has a tendency towards burnout sometimes due to this workload - she often pushes herself too hard.

In battle, Neva would not allow fear to keep her from doing her part. She isn't as reluctant to fight as some of the other Sailor Neopets; she has a strong sense of her duty to defeat the enemy. She is also willing to work as part of a team and listens to Sailor Lupe’s direction, even if she thinks she has a better idea. This is one of the reasons why she does indeed make a good sailor soldier.

When fighting, Neva would be very aggressive in her attacks. She would be likely to attack first unless there is some strategical reason not to do so. However, she might get a bit carried away or a bit too aggressive and make mistakes.

One of her reasons for her devotion to the cause is her love for her pet; another is Neva's eventual crush on Maigrey (Sailor Bori), who needs someone to protect her (or so Neva thinks); and the third is her love for her sickly younger sister. And, though she isn’t willing to admit it, a fourth reason is that Neva wants to protect her parents as well. She doesn't get along with them very well, but she does love them.

Strengths: Ambitious, intelligent, perceptive, logical, responsible, passionate, direct, strong sense of duty, protective of others

Weaknesses: Overreacts, vengeful/sadistic streak, doesn’t listen to others who tell her what her genuine flaws are, pessimistic, temperamental, sometimes tactless, slightly a ‘workaholic’, sometimes overprotective

Goals: To get into an elite university, to protect the people she most cares about, to defeat the enemy


Neva lives in a fairly small house with her Poogle in Neopia Central. Her family:

Father, Olivier Rosensteel, 39 (23 years older than Neva); a kind yet strict father, he tends to be very stubborn. He always insisted that Neva and her sister Cecilia do the housework, as he works at the Neggery and their mother is so busy with her own work. When Neva lived at home, she ended up doing most of said housework as Cecilia is frail and tires easily. Olivier tends to support Neva as little as possible; he won’t pay a dime for her college education. He believes that she should be forced to be independent. However, this is because he doesn’t want her to ever need to rely on her family (and also partly because of Cecilia’s medical costs). Olivier is more sensitive than Neva would ever believe, however. He loves painting, and often paints portraits of the often-housebound Cecilia - whose sickness perhaps hits him harder than it did Sylvia or Neva. He is used to controlling his emotions almost completely, though, so they never really realize this. Neva doesn’t understand this, or his desire to do what is best for her, and resents her father for his strict nature.

Mother, Sylvia Arlington, 41 (25 years older than Neva); a strongwilled woman, Sylvia kept her maiden name even after marriage. She can be a bit controlling, and a bit hard to get along with(especially for her family), but this is partly because she is an executive at Terror Mountain Electronics, Inc. She has always worked long hours because of this job, and Neva blames her for never spending enough time with Cecilia. However, Sylvia loves both of her daughters greatly - this was why she worked so often; she wanted them to have good lives. This sentiment was a bit misplaced, however, as they hardly ever saw her. Sylvia wants to pay for Neva’s - and later Cecilia’s - college education, but their father disagrees, wanting them to earn their own way as much as possible. Even now they sometimes argue over the cost of Neva’s imminent college education. As stated, Sylvia wants to do everything she can to make her daughter’s life easier, but Olivier wants to make sure that Neva is independent and can survive on her own. Neva thinks of her mother as work-absorbed and distant, and isn’t very close to her.

Sister, Cecilia Rosensteel, 14 (2 years younger than Neva); she is always sweet and cheerful, but frail and sickly. She loves her older sister more than anything in the world. Cecilia was often teased as a child because she couldn’t play most of the games that the others played - and Neva was her champion, her defender. These things meant that Cecilia really doesn’t have any other friends besides Neva, which has strengthened their bond as siblings. They rarely fight. This is partly because Cecilia acts optimistic and calm, very different from her temperamental sister. She is very good at calming Neva down, and has a good sense of humor. However, she is lonely and worries often when she is alone. Cecilia doesn’t feel that she is worth very much due to her illnesses, and usually puts the needs others-- especially her family - above her own. She wants a Neopet badly, but thinks that because she is often too frail to care for it that it wouldn’t be fair to the pet. Due to her weak state, she almost always has to stay home. A classmate brings her lessons and homework, but Cecilia still feels that she’s missing out on a lot. Neva loves her sister deeply and visits her often. She is very protective of Cecilia. Also, Neva will sometimes leave Kardi with Cecilia and their family if she has to take an extended trip or if she is too busy to care for the Poogle.

Pet: Kardinai, a red Poogle; equivalently a child, she is sweet, innocent, and dependent upon Neva (whom she calls 'mommy'). She likes to take long naps in the afternoon - particularly when her 'mommy' is at school or work - and her favorite things to eat are Neggs. Because Neva can’t work often, they don’t usually have enough money for such expensive foods, though Neva buys them for Kardi as often as she can. She tends to spoil the Poogle a bit - but it’s unlikely that Kardi will end up being spoiled herself. She’s used to living on a budget and understands that Neva can’t always buy her favorite treat, for instance. However, what she really wants is to spend time with Neva - time that Neva can’t always find between work and school.

Kardi’s name was chosen by Cecilia, through a hurried Neomail conversation.


Sailor Poogle, by Amanda

In school, Neva was a ‘gold-star’ student. Her teachers loved her; she could do no wrong. That was why, when Neva was said to have gotten into a schoolyard fight, they often disregarded the claim. When she did get into trouble, she claimed to have been defending herself. And in a way that was true. The only reason Neva ever got into fights at that age was because other children would sometimes make cruel remarks about Cecilia - and of course that made Neva furious. She was skinny even when she was a child, and she began to use underhanded tactics as a defense against stronger children.

When Neva was 10 and Cecilia 8, Neva got into a fight with another child over something that he had said about Cecilia. He was far stronger than Neva, and hurt her badly. She ended up in the hospital, and Cecilia ended up visiting her there for a change. Most of Neva’s injuries healed, but she was left with a scar across her right cheek.

When she was 13, Neva immediately got her own account and moved out on her own, to Central Neopia. She didn’t want to deal with her mother or her father anymore - and she hated the cold because she had so little insulating body fat.

Unfortunately, Neva wasn’t a very good cook at first. She attempted to make dinner herself rather than buying something, and decided that she didn’t need oven mitts to reach inside the oven. This resulted in a rather painful and serious burn across the back of her left wrist.

When she moved to Neopia Central, she began going to Neopia Secondary School. She applied to Inigmah, but despite her superior grades, did not get in (something that still bothers her). Therefore, Neva is currently attending Neopia Central High School. Soon after she started at NCHS, she became the accompanist for the choirs there, and was lucky enough to be able to create a Poogle. The tiny Neopet became her only ‘family’ in Central Neopia.

Through her position as the accompanist, she will meet Maigrey Ashford (Sailor Bori), who is in the choir. The two will quickly become friends - eventually best friends - and Neva will slowly realize that she has a crush on Maigrey. She will be supportive of Maigrey's crush on Kaimen Grandissimo because she cares so much about Maigrey, but she's actually quite jealous of him. This creates quite a bit of conflict within Neva.

As a Sailor

Aura: Dark salmon
Secondary: Steel gray

Transformation: Neva raises her pen above her head and calls out, "Poogle Neo Power, Make Up!" Snow begins to blow around her, starting with a few flakes and turning into a blizzard until she cannot be seen any longer. It blows away to reveal her uniform, which is colored completely steel gray. Then the brooch on her bow glows, and a warm salmon-colored light very quickly spreads from it to add the rest of the color to her uniform. Sailor Poogle strikes a pose.

Attack: Neva reaches out her arms pointing towards the enemy with her fingers spread and the tips touching. She calls out, "Poogle Bite!" As she says this, a ball of salmon-colored light appears and grows rapidly to about the size of a basketball. She throws her arms apart, and the ball of light rushes forward, taking on the shape of a Poogle’s head, which bites the opponent.

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