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Name: Layla Grandisimo
Age: 15 as of Y4 (2 months younger than Leslie)
Height: 5í0Ē
Weight: 135 lbs
Eyes: Bright green
Hair: Golden blonde
Birthday: 15th of Eating
Zodiac sign: Aries
Bloodtype: O
Fav. Food: Any traditional Tyrannian meat dish
Hobbies: Cheerleading, gymnastics
Fav. Colors: Gold, yellow,
Likes: Eating, Elephantes, playing Destructomatch, things that are real and concrete, science, concerts, the Blue Kacheek Group, Sticks NíStones, Jazzmosis
Dislikes: Quiggles, abstract things, water, television, reading, people who give up, English class, history class
School: Tyrannia Mountain High School(9th grade-present)

Personality: Layla is kind and willing to help about anyone, which wins her many friends. She is very outgoing, and is loyal to her friends. This loyalty, however, can cause her to feel taken for granted. Also, Layla hates people who give up easily. She canít-- or refuses-- to understand good reasons why someone might Ďgive upí on something, and looks down on them for doing so. Layla is incredibly stubborn and determined, which is why she has been able to make it as a cheerleader. She also has a very strong sense of what is right and wrong, though she can be very black-and-white about it. She also has a tendency to be extremely set in her ways and closeminded. If she has an opinion about something, nothing will get her to change it.

Layla is quite hyper and bouncy most of the time. However, this can cause her to overlook things and forget details. She is intelligent, but she isnít too good at school; she has to work very hard for her passing grades. Layla isnít much of a dreamer; she prefers to live in the reality of the present. She isnít very imaginative. Her favorite class is science, because it deals with concrete reality that cannot be debated-- Layla hates ambiguous things. She also doesnít care for reading or television; she prefers to be active. She is very family-oriented, and still lives with her family even though she is over thirteen. This is partly because Layla, despite her confident and determined attitude, isnít very independent.

In a fight, she will not run away-- even if she is afraid. She is reluctant to retreat, even for a good reason, which can cause problems. She is also brave, and because she is so loyal, she will always defend her friends-- she would probably even move in front of a friend and take an attack meant for them. She isnít very agile. Also, she wouldnít! be comfortable fighting alone.

Strengths: Loyal, kind, outgoing, determined, energetic, realistic, optimistic, very flexible (physically), in good shape for her body type (physically), brave
Weaknesses: Closeminded, too stubborn, short attention span, unimaginative, sometimes intolerant, not very independent, not agile

Layla in pajamas, by AmandaAppearance: Layla is short and chubby. She has bright green eyes, and golden hair that she wears in pigtails, which look like the ears of an Elephante. Laylaís skin is dark because she is half-Tyrannian. Her face is round, and there is a stubborn set to her chin. She has two wing-shaped birthmarks on her back, about where her shoulder blades are. She does not wear earrings. As for clothing, outside of school, she usually wears jeans and t-shirts.
Home: The Grandissimo family lives in a large, stone(but nice) house in Tyrannia. Every family member and pet listed except for Kaimen and Cinama00 lives there. There is a family tendency to be a bit homebody-ish.

- Javier Grandissimo, 48(33 years older than Layla): Javier is a large and jovial man, despite the fact that he can be rather strict. He has golden hair, dark skin, and green eyes-- he is 100% Tyrannian. Javier has high expectations for all of his children, and often lectures Alec about Alecís barely-passing grades-- telling him that he should be more like his twin, Alain (hah). He works at the Giant Omelette, and makes sure that no one gets more than one piece per day. Itís a boring job, but someone has to do it. He does love Layla, despite not understanding why she doesnít get better grades. He is very proud of Jaimen and of Lessa for their achievements.
Mother - Kaiya Grandissimo, 43 (28 years older than Layla): Kaiya is sweet-natured and lighthearted. She has a good sense of humor and can be a little flighty. She is pretty despite her age, slender with long black hair and blue eyes. Kaiya works as a secretary at Town Hall. She is very proud of her older two children, and is amused by both of the twins. However, she probably has the closest relationship with her youngest daughter, Layla.
Brother - Kaimen Grandissimo, 23 (8 years older than Layla): Kaimen is a very intelligent college student who has always been at the top of his class. He went to the Inigmah Center for Special Skills for advanced physics and graduated as valedictorian of his class, and he is currently attending Vale University(equiv. of Ivy League school such as Yale) in Neopian Central. Jaimen doesn't share the family tendency to be overweight. He is of medium build, and could be described more accurately as well-built than as slender. He is of a good weight for his build and height. Kaimen is dark-skinned, and his hair is dark like his motherís. He is easygoing, yet responsible and ambitious. Layla has always looked up to Kaimen, who is probably her favorite sibling, and sees him as sort of a mentor in some ways. Kaimen, for his part, has always been there to help Layla with homework-- even over the phone. He is also quite protective of his youngest sibling. He sees the twins, Alec and Alain, as silly and somewhat immature-- and sees through all of their schemes in an instant.
Sister - Lessa Grandissimo, 19 (4 years older than Layla): Lessa is a pretty, popular cheerleader, and is a student at the University of Tyrannia. She is very intelligent, but she didnít want to go far from home(unlike Kaimen). Lessa is fairly slender, but due to a family tendency towards being somewhat overweight, she has to watch her diet closely. She has long, wavy golden hair, dark skin, and blue eyes. Layla has always admired Lessa, but she ! has also always been a bit jealous of her older sisterís seemingly near-perfect status. When they were younger, Lessa would often go shopping with Layla, or show Layla how to put on makeup, or do other such feminine things with her. Lessa always loved having a little sister to do that sort of thing with. Of course, Layla would never tell anyone but perhaps her best friend Tammy about this part of her relationship with her sister.
Brother - Alec Grandissimo, 16 (1 year older than Layla): Alec is very intelligent, but he isnít serious at all. He is a class clown, and his sole goal in life seems to be to make people laugh. However, he tries not to cause his teachers too much undue trouble; often, theyíre laughing at his odd sense of humor with everyone else. Alec gets barely-passing grades; he could get far better, but he doesnít work very hard. He is of medium height, a bit heavy, a! nd has golden hair, dark skin, and green eyes. Layla always tells him to take things more seriously, but they are close. Layla often played with Alec and Alain as a child, and Alec has always been able to make her laugh, even when everything seemed to be going terribly.
Brother - Alain Grandissimo, 16 (1 year older than Layla): Alain is far more serious than his twin brother, Alec. If one was to go by how he acts at school, they would think he was even too serious-- but he also has a mischevious streak. Alainís jokes and schemes are far less obvious than Alecís-- and sometimes less benevolent. For example, Alec might try to make a class think that it is the teacherís birthday. Alain would unobtrusively try to make as much of the school as possible, including teachers, think that the next day had a different schedule, succeed, and laugh at the resulting confusion. In school, Alai! n appears to be a model student, and gets extremely high grades. He always berates Alec(sometimes jokingly) about Alecís poor grades. Alain looks very much like his brother, except for the fact that Alain wears glasses. That only lends to Alainís responsible-and-harmless student facade. Alain and Layla are also close, though Alain often springs metaphysical quandraries on Layla. Of course, he does that to everyone. Layla thinks Alain is eccentric, but funny in his own way, and loves to see his non-hurtful schemes unfold. However, when his schemes are hurtful in some way, she tends to lecture him and tries to force him to make things right, which almost never works.

History: Layla was born in Tyrannia, but her entire family moved to Central Neopia when she was two because of her motherís job. They lived there for ten years, and Layla went to Neopia Central Elementary. There, in the fourth grade, she met her best friend Tammy Dylan. Layla had many friends then, like she does now, but Tammy was always her closest. Laylaís favorite activity when she was young was gymnastics.

When Layla started at Neopia Central Junior High, she was teased quite a bit for her weight. She tried not to let it bother her, but she couldnít understand why no one seemed to like her suddenly. She tried to join the cheer squad-- and all in attendance seemed to burst into laughter. Layla, being Layla, tried out anyways, but she didnít make the team. At least she had Tammy-- who had a harder time in junior high than Layla-- and her many other friends. Then, however, that winter, her mother changed jobs and the entire Grandissimo family moved back to Tyrannia.

Layla was very upset about not getting to see Tammy and her other friends anymore, and she and Tammy wrote to each other, but they eventually lost touch when Tammy moved (to another part of Neopia Central). Layla went to Desert Plateau Junior High in Tyrannia, and had an easier time making friends. The students there were far less cruel than those of Neopia Central Junior High. Layla also made the cheerleading team in her eighth grade year, and was very proud of the position. She was teased at first, but when the other cheerleaders got to know her, most of them realized that she was indeed a good person. Many of those that did admired Laylaís stubbornness and determination.

Layla goes to Tyrannia Mountain High School, and has done so since her ninth grade year. She is on the junior varsity cheer squad, and has made many friends. She also is on a gymnastics team outside of school.

Family Pets
Laylaís yellow Elephante, whom Layla got for her 8th birthday. She is known as Christolea or Christi, and was named after part of the scientific name of a plant(Layla would always make Kaimen explain his science homework and such to her, and she thought it would make a good name). Christi is just as hyper as Layla, and likes to give everyone bear hugs-- which is sweet, but can get very annoying. She is equivalently a young teenager.
chowie3: Alecís yellow Aisha, whom he adopted when he turned 10. She goes by the nickname Cho, though her full name fits her very well: she loves to eat. She is somewhat overweight as a result. Cho is tomboyish, easygoing, and has a similar sense of humor as Alec. She is equivalently an older teenager.
Salazar_820: Alainís red Aisha, whom he adopted when he turned 10. Salazar is very intelligent, but deceptive and mischevious, and often somewhat infuriating-- very much like his owner. He is equivalently an older teenager.
Daruma3: Lessaís fire Scorchio, whom she got for her 9th birthday. Dari(as she is called) seems rather incongruous with the beautiful, popular Lessa, but Lessa isnít as high-maintenance as she looks. Dari is intelligent, practical, introverted, and despises Christiís bear hugs. She is equivalently an older teenager.
Cinama00: Kaimenís blue Lupe, whom he adopted when he was 10. She is very intelligent and practical, like Kaimen himself, and goes by Amy. Amy is equivalently an adult, and attends the pet branch of Vale University.
Hikawaiiko: Laylaís motherís fire Draik, who was given to Kaiya for a 40th birthday present by Javier after Kaiya lamented her children growing up. Hika, as she is called, is the youngest in the family-- equivalently a child. However, she is practical, intelligent, and easygoing beyond her age.
Captain_Janeway_2002: Laylaís fatherís blue Techo, whom he adopted when he was 39. She goes by simply Jane, and is equivalently an adult. She is fun-loving, and more easygoing than Javier himself. She is also quite intelligent.

Sailor Elephante
Dark gold
Secondary: Yellow
Transformation: Layla raises her pen above her head and calls out, ďElephante Neo Power, Make Up!Ē Her tiara appears on her head, and the jewel flashes brightly. Golden wings of light appear on her back and wrap around her body, then unfold to reveal her uniform bodice, gloves, and boots. Ribbons of light shoot from the jewel on the tiara to wrap around her elbows, waist, and chest/collar to create her skirt, glove-trim-pieces, collar, and bow. The wings shrink into useless but cute wings the size of an Elephanteís.
Attack: Elephante Blast - Sailor Elephante calls out the name of the attack, which makes a small gun appear in her hands, which are raised above her head. She lowers her hands to chest level, and fires with her feet fairly far apart for balance. The gun shoots small fluffy puffs that look harmless, but that grow as they fly at their target, and that have the power to knock a full-grown man off his feet and back about five feet. The attack takes a lot of energy, however.
Uniform: Her uniform is the standard senshi uniform, except for the fact that her tiara jewel is red, and larger and rounder than normal -- much like the jewel on an Elephanteís forehead. Also, she has a pair of tiny yellow wings on her back where her birthmarks normally are -- though they donít do anything.

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