Sailor Ixi


Name: Helen Xia (sometimes Ellie to friends)
Meaning: Important/holy
Birthday: 11 Swimming
Bloodtype: O
Age: 15
Hair: Long and brown, purple at the roots, wavy
Eyes: Deep pink/purple
Shoe size: 6 (women's)
School: Neopia Central Junior High

Fav. Food: Starfruit, strawberries, all fruit
Least Fav. Food: All seafood, fattening food, Tyrannian food, gross food
Likes: Sports, TV, being with friends, playing, jokes, dancing, art, singing, purple and yellow, niptors, gymnastics
Dislikes: Cheap gimmick guilds, bugs, being alone, surprises, huggies (the petpet), getting bad grades
Hobby: Art of all sorts, looking through books of ancient Neopia and fossils, gymnastics, playing pranks
Aspiration: To be a well-known professional artist, or an archaeologist, or a scientist who studies ancient Neopia; to own a niptor.


Helen is sweet, funny, kind, gentle, and an energetic teen. She has very good self-control over her body and mind from doing gymnastics her whole life. She is an optimist, has strong beliefs that she doesnít give up easily.

She is also nervous, insecure and a perfectionist. She has lots of friends at school. She is pretty popular, but not a snob or brat. Carissa and Pandi are her main friends though. Helen is very athletic. She does gymnastics so would bond well with Layla (Sailor Elephante). Helen is also a good jumper and has considered joining track.

Helen is very self-conscious about her small size. Helen is constantly exercising, which makes her very strong and healthy. Helen is REALLY nervous around boys that she likes and is dead serious about it and hates it when her friends pressure her about someone she likes. She does have friends that are boys and she acts the same with them as if she was with her best girlfriend.

She is a very down-to-earth girl about the way she dresses. Helen always tries to find the good in every situation and in people. Helen also is very graceful and some nerds at school call her a princess when she is with her friends. In Helenís gymnastics floor routines the dance is usually more ballet more than anything.


Helen has an adopted sister of the same age named Carissa. She was adopted at birth and is a few months younger than her sister.

The girls only have a mother; their dad is long gone. He was a traveler and was killed after Helen's birth shortly before Carissa was adopted.

Helenís mom is a pretty young woman; they live in a huge extravagant house in Faerieland. Helenís mom has a lot of money and uses most of it on her and Carissa for pets, art, and education, not much on fun because she wants them both to do art for fun. She really wants Helen to have a great life with happiness and a good job.

Helen has two pets: Kamaria20 the female pirate shoyru, who has a pink weewoo named roZe, and Tifa_637 the small female spotted grarrl, who has a turmac named Sage.

When ixis come to Neopia she will get Aikane, the rainbow female ixi; everyone calls her Ai. Ai will eventually have an island hassee, Miliani.


AHelen has lived in Faerieland her whole life. Helen is spoiled and has a very wealthy family. Helenís mom is very proud of Helenís artistic ability and sends her to the Faerie Arts Academy. She doesnít like going there much.

When Helen was a few months old her mom adopted Carissa right after she was born. Also, the accident in the lab ray when she was 11 is a big part of her life.

Helen snuck is to the lab ray when her friend went one day, aware of Helen being there with her, when the lab ray turned Helenís friendís pet purple, scaring Helen as wild sparks flew through the room. The scar added a little DNA and made part of Helenís hair naturally and permanently purple at the top of every strand as they fade back to brown.


Helen is a very cute small girl.

Helen has a long thin scar along her cheek. She got it when during the lab ray accident along with striking orange freckles, purple roots in her hair, a purple blotch like a mole on her lower left side of her jaw on the bone line, one medium one on the outer part of her right wrist. one on her lower hip on the outside middle, lining her left hands ring finger bone is a purple streak, one on her right collar bone, and a medium sized one on her left foot above her pinkie toe.

She has long silky brunette hair that is wavy with Ďnaturalí purple highlights at the top. She always wears it up in a bunned mess. She is naturally tan from her mother and she has brilliant pink and purple eyes (golden brown before the incident). She also loves to wear yellow clothes. She has 3 ear piercings along each ear.

Sailor Ixi

Aura: Dark salmon
Secondary Color: Chocolate brown

Henshin: ďIxi Neo Power, Make-up!Ē Helen yells as she sticks her henshin pen in the air. Once her pen disappears in a glowing and glittering burst, Helen moves her hand over her face, palms facing out, and her new N earrings appear and so does calm graceful look. She puts both hands on her left shoulder and she looks at them as her clothes vanish as a whirl wind of grass swirls around her, sailor uniform now pressed against the thin agile body, next she leans forward pushing her ungloved hands palms facing down, down to the ground, does a front walk-over and her gloves appear. The automatically the ribbons of her shoes lace up, her broach glitters in and her transformation is complete.

Attack: Ixi Charge - Sailor Ixi flexes her muscle on her left arm and lightly squeezes it with her left hand as she yells her attack and she dashes at a very high speed to the enemy and kicks her leg out at the last second and beams the enemy with her forceful attack.

Other: When Helen is transformed she has an ixi tail and ixi horns. Her shoes are like ballet slippers with long laces wrapping along her legs. On one of her arms she has a fluffy piece of ribbon with a shinny piece of black lace on top of it. Her gloves tops are long pieces of brown lace that tie on the sides. She also has a magenta belt just like an ixi collar around her waist, hanging lopsided and loose.