The Sailor Neopets RPG

Artwork by Lacey

A stunning colored pencil Sailor Lupe.

Similar style Sailor Acara.

An older Maxima.

Tori with a Snow White theme.

Lacey's concept of the Christmas Faerie.

Adam, with Lacey and Tori in the background being fangirls.

Utterly gorgeous Leslie with FirePrinse.

Tori: Got milk?

Leslie in profile with a miniature Kaen.

Abbie, Kaen, YoYo, and Bones.

Bones and YoYo enjoying the snow.

Bones on Halloween.

Clockwise from upper right: Tori, Kaen, Aikouka (hair color distorted), Leslie, FirePrinse, Aikouka, Kami, and Starlee.

Tori and Bones grinning.

Adam lounging in that sexy way he has.

Leslie having a rather interesting dream . . .

Sailor Skeith flaunting her size.

A young-looking Gami glaring.

The adorable base for a guild logo.