The Sailor Neopets RPG

Artwork by Erin

Leslie in her Inigmah Center uniform.

Three girls dancing to their favorite types of music - country for Tori, techno for Aikouka, rock for Ji.

Kara Lynn in a tight shirt.

Leslie in a cute coat.

Ji, drawn with a tablet.

Adam and Leslie being a cute couple =3

Island girls.  There's a very funny story that goes with this one . . .

Self-portrait, from a photograph.

Brooke and Aikouka having fun at a dance.

Adam and Leslie being cute at the same dance.

Maxima freaking out Kevin, same dance.

The last dance picture - Ji and Kara Lynn.

Gami being preppy.

Jody being trendy - with fuzz!

Kaen with her beloved Fruity Faerie Fingers.

Kevin posing.

Sailor Lupe, mid-henshin.

Leslie with a purse, and the contents of someone else's.

A trip to the pizza parlor.

The image used on the notice board ad.

Kara Lynn's hair should be wavier in this picture.

Vicki curtysing.

The twins, Zelda and Zoe.

Original drawing of these two's dresses from the dance.

A boastful Nick Kouryunno (Ji's older brother).

Ji in baggy clothes.

Miles and her grandmother, from the side story Power Passed.

Nick and Kara Lynn.

Inspired by a discussion about Kaida (Sailor Skeith, the only slightly overweight sailor), musings on my main characters and their weights.

The trouble with having Kara Lynn's proportions is that the only pants tall enough for you are also wide enough to fit a whole other person in them.