The Sailor Neopets RPG

Artwork by Erin

Chia Chaos Ruin.

Sailor fuku vs. halloween costume.

Two faeries: Chaos and Queen.

Sailor Lupe waving.

Ji with a dragon.

Sailor Lupe turning.

Sailor Kiko's attack.

The ever-growing Tuatara family: Leslie, Unirus, FirePrinse, Kaen, Luname, and Silvacheek.

Leslie trying to skate (key word: trying).

Ji doing ballet (Forever Young lyrics by Alphaville).

Kara Lynn looking ballet-ish (Forever Young lyrics by Rod Stewart).

PallaMouse's Myncis at Christmas.

Kami and Tori on the beach.

Leslie in a really cool coat.

Your last sight before MrSippy squirts you.

Kara Lynn as a mermaid.

Lupe Lunge!

ZephyrCumulus (Adam's Uni) and Unirus2000 (Leslie's Uni).

A younger Kara Lynn singing.

Adam in all his bishi glory.

Ji and Kara Lynn on the beach.

Layla Grandisimo and her birthmarks.
Buzz Wind in colored pencil.

Sailor Wocky, crashed into something.
Buzz Wind in CG.

Leslie goes bishi hunting - and captures a prime specimen ^_~

Sailor Buzz in rather bad shape.

Martial arts sailors from Mystery Island.

Lupe Lounge!

Luname in a winter coat.