The Sailor Neopets RPG

SNRPG: Series 1

The Sailor Neopets' powers are revived from a five-decade slumber and bestowed upon a new generation. The Chaos Faerie begins to rebuild her powers; forgotten Neopian lands resurface; mad scientists' experiments wreak havoc; and a group of young warriors in sailor suits are faced with the feat of juggling their battle and their schoolwork.

Sprites are adapted from those found at Lycentia's SM Graphics.

Sailor LupeEpisode 1: Tail of an Eighth Grade Nothing
Running 30-31, Y3
by Erin

Meet Leslie Tuatara: outcast, pariah, girl with bizarre hair. She's teased by her peers. She's worried over by her pet. She's about to win a magical chalice that spits out transformation pens. Can she handle it? (Can she afford not to?)
Sailor LupeEpisode 2: A Little Slushie Faerie Kaen
Running 31-Eating 3, Y3
by Erin

Leslie and FirePrinse go to Faerieland to get the backstory of the Sailor Neopets: a war from half a century ago is picking up, and the forces of chaos are assembling. On the plus side, Sailor Lupe has a new ally, with a head for information and a taste for grass slushies.
Sailor LupeEpisode 3: Keiko And The Chocolate Factory
Eating, Y3
by Erin and Brianna

Leslie survives her first battle, but she comes late to the next one. Keiko Wilson survives her first day at school, but gets attacked that afternoon at the chocolate shop. Briana is oblivious, but . . . well, some things never change.
Sailor LupeEpisode 4: Day of the Lupe
Hunting 4, Y4
by Erin

It's Lupe Day, and FirePrinse gets a petpet to celebrate. Dr. F. Sloth is not celebrating: he's trying to figure out why his mutants are getting lost. Then the Chaos Faerie shows up, and pretty soon the Sailor Neopets will have no reason to celebrate either.
Sailor ZafaraEpisode 5: Knowledge is Power
Hunting 13, Y4
by Madison

Everyone's searching for information. The Chaos Faerie's methods are messy. Kaen just goes to the Faerieland Library. Zelda Bay also goes to the library, but unlike the faeries, she doesn't have a pressing reason. (She will soon.)
Sailor ShoyruEpisode 6: Lord of the Wings
Hunting 17, Y4
by Erin

Jean Keresaspa is tough if you like her, bossy if you don't, and a skeptic either way. When all of Sailor Lupe's allies are too far away to help with a mutant attack, though, Jean's ready with a chair.

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