The Sailor Neopets RPG

SNRPG: Challenges

Challenge 2:
Sailor Kyrii

Clara stepped into the interior of Uni Salon exactly one minute before her appointment. She walked directly to the counter to confirm she had arrived and two minutes later she was sipping some lemonade on a head washing seat.

“Cold or hot water miss?”

“Cold,” Clara replied, and while the hair dresser massaged her hair she let her mind wander. She was finally out of school and into the real world as she had wanted since she moved to Neopian Central. It was quiet a nice feeling. No more school meant no more nights staying up late working on school projects and more time to spend on what was really important: her shop.

“We have a new shampoo; it’s a bit more expensive but the results are great.” They had touched a weak spot. Clara could be a scrooge with many things but not with her hair.

“Sure I’ll have it.” She now had all the time in the world to look after her shop. She had been looking for a long time for this: summer vacations in which she would have time to paint it and do all sorts of repairs and finally be able to finish organizing her basement. It didn’t matter that her parents didn’t think it was going to work; she knew she could make this business succeed.

“Please, miss follow me to the brushing area.” They thought it was better for her to go to university and study something more rentable. In her opinion university was for people who had no idea what to do with their lives and she knew exactly where her future lay. Her aunt Zora had suggested for her to study economics, her grandfather Sean told her to study pure math.

“Just brushing or do you want it straightened?” Clara considered for a moment. Straight hair was easier to handle.

“Straight please.” At the end her mother was the one who told her too apply for administration which was what she studied when she wasn’t sure what to do and because it could be applied to almost any thing. But any way it wasn’t after her cousin Rollef told her she was just scared that she had send her application for Vale University. Vale was such a selective university that she knew her chances of being accepted were low. That’s why she had chosen it.

“Do you want a cut?” Clara was about to say no thank you and go to pay, but then she realized she hadn’t got a good haircut in a long time.

“I want it like that, please,” she said as she pointed to a picture of a model with shoulder length hair.

One hour later she stepped back into her shop. She had taken more time than she had originally intended and it was getting dark. Kaisuu came running to her and gaved her a huge hug, saying “Congratulations! Look what arrived while you were gone.” It was a regular size manila envelope. Inside was a letter with the Vale University logo on top. As she pulled more the letter she read the fist line: The University of Vale is pleased to accept Miss Clara Hansen...