Sailor Meerca

Name: Tamae Oguchi
Birthday: 9 August
Star sign: Scorpio
Age: 15
Blood type: B
School: Neopia Central High

Family: Tamae's parents died in an accident when she was just a baby (in which she got her scar), so she doesn't really remember them. Her father, Nezumi, was from Mystery Island, and her mother, Sarah, was from Neopia Central.

Nezumi came from a ninja family, an occupation Tamae is now learning from his father. Sarah was nothing special, though known for her good looks.

Tamae now lives with her grandfather, Hikou, and blind sister, Biyoku, in Neopia Central. (They moved from the place where Nezumi and Sarah had died.)

Pets: Tamae has two pets, both Meercas: Harumi and Hasumi. Haru is brown, and Hasu is pink; they both wanted to keep their underbellies the same color, though be unique nonetheless. The only friends Tamae has, they are very loyal and playful.


Tamae is a strange one. Very charismatic and likeable, she's compassionate and polite - however, if you're of no importance to her, she'll clean out your pockets! A skilled thief, she's very sneaky and quiet. If you deserve her wrath, however, be prepared for a sharp tongue!

Brave in most of the sense of the word, she's a bit of a child when it comes to horror movies. She can't help it - scary flicks scare her, while she'd be cool as anything in the face of certain death. Strange little paradox, huh?

Though she usually appears cheerful on the outside, she internally feels quite a bit of remorse. Easily troubled, the absence of parents and friends affects her a good amount. She can't understand why people isolate her like they do.

As a student, she's excellent at almost all history, but hates having to do math problems or science equations. A bit more of a right-brainer, she lokes drawing and music.

Rumored to have been in cahoots with Meerouladen and Hermeedjet, she hates the cops but is kind to people she knows and likes. Be wary if you don't know her well, though - she'll steal from anyone she doesn't care about.


A pretty girl, she's quite slender, though has a few curves. Not beautiful, but attractive despite her scar, she looks almost just like her father, but with her mother's light complexion, as well as eye color - sea green. Her soft hair is purple-blue and done in a traditional ponytail from the Oguchi side.

Tamae always dresses in bright colors, wanting to stand out in a crowd. Usually seen wearing a T-shirt over a sweatshirt with jeans, she has her own unique sense of style that is like no other's.

As a Sailor

Aura: Bondi blue
Secondary: Whitish yellow
Uniform: Quite a bit deviant from the normal outfit. Tamae's uniform is, to be frank, quite ninja-esque. She wears a face mask, for starters, which covers most of her distinguishing scar and small nose. Though the torso is normal, the skirt has a slit in it. Rather than gloves and boots, she wears traditional cloth which reaches her forearms/calves but exposes her toes, heels, and fingers.

Like many other senshi, she has her namesake's tail when she transforms - a long, ribbonlike Meerca tail, bouncy and prehensile.

Transformation: Meerca Neo Power, Make Up! Not one for theatrics, but individual just the same, Tamae calls out her transformation, and a long yard of kimono cloth materializes. It wraps around her, then slides off and disappears, revealing the fully clothed Sailor Meerca.

Attack: Meerca Ricochet! Tamae holds out a hand, and three shuriken materialize in her palm. With a snap of the wrist she throws them, and they cut the intended target - after which they ricochet back.

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