Sailor Koi


name: Kai Odaage
birthday: October 31
age: 18
gender: Male
school: Gratuated
born: Mystery Island; visits Maraqua every summer

strengths: a bishounen, smart, kind, athletic, good at martial arts
weaknesses: cocky, impatient, stubborn, low attention span; bad with fuzzles, mind games
likes: black, dark things, anything sweet, cold weather, martial arts, snow, collecting fuzzles, Halloween
dislikes: yellow, bitter things, teachers, preps, healthy stuff


Kai has a tall lithe figure with pale skin. His black hair goes down to his waist and is straight; his bangs usually cover up his eyes, which are dark blue.

His lips are naturally a dark pink, and his fingernails are long and cut like rectangles.


Despite his odd appearance, Kai is actually a very kind person who has a taste for sweets. He's the go-to guy and is always willing to be a shoulder to cry on for people that need him. His customers become his closest friends, and he is an expert at figuring people's emotions out.

Kai always knows how to solve people's problems, but just can't seem to cope with his own issues about his parents' death and his family's shop starting to go out of business. He will always change the subject when his parents are concerned; his older siblings never told him how they died.

He always loved the water, so Kai spent a lot of time at the beach; when he moved to Neopia Central, he had a bit of trouble adapting.

He'll always give people a second chance and is willing to give anything a try at least once. Although he can be stubborn, if he likes something even a little bit, he wastes no time in getting involved.


Kai grew up with his older brother and sister after his parents' death. They own a magic shop; Akiko works as a psychic while Sai specializes in crystals and artifacts. Kai makes potions and magic jewelry to sell in the shop.

Most of his potions are based off of ancient herbalism guides. His mother, who makes a certain group of mists, got him into potion making while he was still young; he met Kauvara when he was five. His mother was very close to nature and loved helping people; his father was almost the same, but more adventurous.


big brother: Sai, a real jokester
big sister: Akiko, a total control freak
pet: Kiri, a happy-go-lucky blue koi
pet: TrainMoonshine, a perfectionist blue xweetox

Sailor Koi

Uniform adaptions: There is a sarong around his waist; his shirt is designed to show his midriff with ribbons wrapped around his middle.

Aura: Dark blue
Secondary Color: Crystal blue
Henshin: Kai shouts "Koi Neo Power, Make Up!" Snowflakes wrap around his body, then icicles shoot out of the ground by his feet and grasp his legs, making his boots. Lastly, water wraps around his chest, forming his sarong and ribbons.
Attack: Koi Splash - He shouts this and water wraps around his hands in a ball; when it gets large enough, he throws it.