Sailor Hissi

Name: Shido Chikabi
Age: 16
Bloodtype: B
Birthday: May 4
School: NCH

Hobbies: Reading, rock-climbing, being nocturnal, daydreaming
Likes: Heavy metal, sweets, video games, anime, hissis, lupes
Dislikes: Chias, imbeciles, hard work

Personality: Kind of a lecher and eccentric, but will really pull it all out for his friends. He also is a bit of a know-it-all, and a slacker on jobs he hates, but if you give him a task he likes and he'll do it 120%.

Shido usually seems calm but is hotheaded underneath; if someone makes him boil he loses his calmness and wants to attack in a rage. This happened before when someone disrespected the closest thing to a family other than his neopets. He is a dreamer which explains his name's meaning: "Vision Fire".

Verrry flexible, he once fit himself into a backpack. (Made a nice 50,000 NP off of that bet.)

Sailor Hissi

Aura color: Blood red (dark and dull)
Secondary: Emerald green

Henshin: Hissi Neo Power, Make Up! Two hissis fly around him and create a whirlwind that consumes him; and then Sailor Hissi appears.

Attack: Hissi Wing Blast - he creates a small but powerful tornado.


Just his pets; from oldest to youngest:

Inuyasha937853: Hi. I'm Shido's oldest pet. I'm a Lupe. We have been through a lot recently. I want to be painted Tyrannian; they are so cool.

neoVampire937: Hiya, I am his second pet. I'm a Grarrl. Shido's a good owner, not like those who only get pets so they can get an avatar. I think I would look cool painted striped.

AlucardHellmaster: Greetings. I was one of the first hissis to be owned. I'm pretty cool, aren't I. I'm a lot like Shido, except I'M not a lecher like he is. I don't want to be painted.

IntegraDemonMaster: Hello. I am the youngest one butI do give a mean argument. Like my brother, I am a hissi. I want to be painted Faerie.

Physical Appearance

Hair: Long, wavy, and white.
Eyes: Cat-eye yellow.
Build: Not muscular but not puny; he has abs and pecs and that's it. Very flexible.
Height: 5'7"
Miscellaneous: Has a pentagram tattoo on his back.