Sailor Draik

Name: Moselle "Celeste" Ohan
Age: 18 (as of Y4)
Birthday: 20th of Storing
Star Sign: Scorpio
Blood type: A
School: Fairy Arts Academy (10, 11, 12)
Likes: Celeste is big on classical music and listens to little else. Her dress style is strictly high-end designer couture. She's nitpicky about organization, has taken an interest in the Battledome, and enjoys Armada, darkness scarabs, vacations, stilettos, and butter rum lip balm. :)
Dislikes: She hates gardening, cooking, milk chocolate, and thinks Gelerts are hyper and disgusting. Books that don't reach her expectations make her angry. Repetition grates her nerves, such as repeating what she says for those that don’t comprehend her accent.
Favorite Foods: Phear juice tonic, shrimptail with kelp sauce, pickled eel, fresh oysters, Peachpa and Stramberry shell.
Hobbies: Piano and the Battledome.

Appearance: Celeste is 5'6" tall, much taller than what is to be expected of her heritage, but exhibits the fragile and svelte frame of her shorter mother. She has long and slightly layered black hair that falls to just above her naval. However, she rarely ever wears it down, opting for up-dos and styles that she curls and holds fasts with discrete bobby pins or clips. Casual, uneven curls usually frame her rounded face, plump beige lips, and almond-shaped chocolate eyes. Overall, she has a very otherworldly appearance. She’s rarely deemed “pretty”, she just has a very exotic and foreign look.
Family: Parents Art and Oki Ohan, despite being extremely successful financially, know the priorities of familial values and parenthood. They have refused to let their roles as the founders and owners of Neopia's highly revered resort "The Grand Antikia" intrude on raising their daughters Eimei and Moselle (Celeste). Both girls give their best abilities to the entertainment and function of the business by actively working in several departments as employees and small-time supervisors. The family is civil, amiable, and operates like any other, though they have their dysfunctional snags here and there. For the most part, Art and Oki raised Eimei and Celeste to be independent but supportive and cooperative siblings that respect their parents' wishes. However, the two girls know the benefits of a wealthy household, and the motive of hard work at the resort morphed into an exchange of money, pampering, and selfish materialism. Regardless of the strict regime of chores and participation at the resort, Art and Oki give Celeste a wide range of freedom, permitting her to come and go from the Ohan manor as she pleases, or invite anyone over at any time.
Friends: Celeste's best friend is Neopia Central citizen Kelly, the photography hobbyist and past blackmailing bane of the Sailor Neopets team. Celeste and Kelly are a close-knit pair of friends, having an acquaintanceship dating back several years when Celeste only traveled to Faerieland on occasions to see her parents. They share many common motives or interests and can relate in matters of wealth. Kelly, not having much family left, stays with Celeste on the Ohan estate during holidays or whenever she doesn't feel like being by herself at her Neopia Central home. Another friend of Celeste's is Bird Sin Gayle: Sailor Eyrie of the Sailor Neopets team. Their friendship is more superficial and new than that of Kelly and Celeste, but the two still identify with each other, and hang out every so often. Aside from Kelly, Bird is Celeste's exception to her usual bias about teens.
Pets: Celeste is the owner of the tiny red Draik Drafinila. Drafinila is quiet and opts to squeak or mumble rather than talk much. She's very slow on the uptake and sticks close to Celeste when she is home. Celeste usually has Drafinila close by while away from home; the tiny Draik likes to perch on her shoulder or be carried in the crook of her arm.

Bio: Celeste's family comes from a small country on the far side of Neopia that explorers and historians overlook for more entertaining worlds. The land is of no threat to main face of Neopia, as it has a stressed economy, subject to famine, plague, and insignificant civil wars against the weak monarchy. Art and Oki decided to move to Faerieland when Celeste was two. They pursued the rapidly growing tourist industry by building a small hotel next to the Healing Springs. The construction was funded on loans, but quickly paid for them and itself twice over. The hotel, known as The Grand Antikia, was revered for its hospitality and accommodations. It quickly evolved into a massive and luxurious resort that includes the Healing Springs Spa, an opera house, and an exposition hall for conferences. The Ohan family themselves have an incredible mansion situated atop a private cloud northwest of Faerie City, but Celeste and Eimei have only recently moved in with their parents. They used to live in their home country with their grandparents while Art and Oki found financial gain. Their grandparents died at the start of Celeste’s freshman year of high school, so she and Eimei moved to Faerieland now that their parents had a sufficiently stable wealth. Since Celeste is new to the English language, she possesses a thick accent and choppy dialect, so many people that are not used to her find it hard to communicate.
Celeste attends the Faerie Arts Academy, specializing in piano and being a recognizable student of the music department. However, playing is not her idea, but her parents, as they believe in an aristocratic and artistically submerged upbringing. Though Celeste finds solace and delight in piano, she would much rather be concentrating on the Battledome and training. She isn't the top performer on the Battledome team at school, having just gotten interested in it within the past year. Her tactical and logical mind helps her understands the principals; however, she strives to excel and prove what she thinks is her intrinsic talent.
When not at school, Celeste is usually doing something to benefit The Grand Antikia's operation. She pretty much manages the Healing Springs Spa by herself, supervising employees, its maintenance, and bookkeeping. Her parents have her regularly scheduled for banquets, assemblies, and any public appearance as a representative of the resort or to perform on the piano for any high-end audience.
Any free time Celeste has is devoted to shopping, hanging out with Kelly at an expensive restaurant or coffee house, and practicing or fighting at the Battledome.


The social ladder is everywhere, whether it is in businesses or entire societies, or in the form of cliques at high school. In Celeste’s case, she is at the top of her game – the very figurehead of the food chain. She has all the status she could dream of and barely had to work for it. It practically came with moving to Faerieland and being recognized as the daughter of an influential magnate. Worst of all, she is very much aware of how she is seen by those who care to watch, and uses it to her advantage.

Celeste is a firm believer in Karma and Neopian lore, and sees living in her current state of wealth as payback for her trials during childhood. She holds everyone to this principle, so any person of less fortunate circumstances than her own appear to her as deserving consequences for some behavior or severe knick in their personality. To these people she treats with little or no regard. Meaning, for the most part, she ignores most people her age as though they were pariahs – completely undesirable outcasts. To her elders she grants the professional politeness required, but only holds those that have great financial stability as being worth any once of sincere respect. On the flip side, Celeste honors her family and what friends she has with every effort possible. From the outside looking in this is a very queer trait for an otherwise impious girl, but Celeste’s lifestyle around the idea of Karma’s existence gives way to a little understanding. However, she’s ignorant in the fact that she forgets that - for her good luck (according to her beliefs) to continue - she should show all people some sort of hospitality.

Even when a friendship has been made with Celeste, she’s a little difficult to get along with. For one, she has a tendency to be suspicious, and is quick to become jealous if she thinks her friends are spending time with any other acquaintances save she. But someone in her good graces is likely to receive frequent gifts or invitations to lavish banquets, and even see her playful, yet upright and natural sophistication. Contrary to popular belief she’s not immune to smiles or laughter, but only among her closest acquaintances, such as Kelly. In her most comfortable moments she’s open and lighthearted, but like a lamp she can switch off instantly; she is prone to quickly become intolerant and standoffish.

Celeste is an icon of equanimity: like a lady, she maintains a dignified poise and rarely ever displays a notion of anger, even in battle. She is also good about giving credit where credit is due. She’s humble about her talents, giving all thanks and tribute to her parents and grandparents, who made sure she was diligent about learning the piano. She even attributes her intrinsic strengths (such as her organization and cooking skills, composure, and appearance) to her parents, as it was from their genes that all of it arose. This is probably her most admirable trait: her ability to acknowledge every good point in someone’s life and in life itself. Sadly, it’s overshadowed by her narrow-mindedness and intolerance of their poorer qualities. Even so, she’s so humble that she even realizes her own faults, but she believes she’s paid for them enough with all her hard work and that acknowledging those faults are enough to cancel them out. It’s a very weird, unfair system, but Celeste is too much of a hypocrite to notice that.

As Sailor Draik

Concerning the Sailor Neopets, she is ruthless. As Sailor Draik she performs freelance, and changes adverse sides in the saga depending upon the battle. More often than not she teams up with the opposition of the Sailor Neopets, them having offended her when she first started out. She works for her own interest and what ever will boost her personal worth and statistics. When it comes down to it, no one knows what cause she ultimately favors - morality wise, and regardless, her supremacy is admirable. Celeste prefers one-on-one battles rather than the grand scale fights that normally occur. If she can seclude and capture a single talented Sailor Neopet, she'll provoke them to fight in order to refine her battling skills and tactics. She has a strange gimmick and habit as Sailor Draik - while battling, she tends to sing to herself, though softly. It's unknown as to why, whether to strengthen concentration, or just a way her passive sadism tends to reveal itself.
Henshin: "Sailor Draik Neo Power, Make-Up!" Celeste stands, her legs in a tendu position (her right leg is place a little ways in front of the left with a pointed toe). A column of lava surrounds her. She carries her torso and arms into a swan dive, her legs still in tendu, and her upper body emerges from the lava. When she steps out she is in full uniform form.


Sailor Draik has a uniform that diverts in a few ways. First of all, instead of the standard issue boots she has black Mary Jane pumps with a stiletto heel. She has black wrist gloves with a lacy edge, similar to the lacy petticoat peaking out from under the mulberry of her pleated skirt. Adorning her head is a draping wreath of two silver chains. Fastened to the longer chain are two silver charms in the shape of Draik wings.

Draik Inferno: This attack's primary goal is to act as a very strong and dangerous shield. Sailor Draik stands with her feet shoulder width apart and reaches her hands palm down to the ground. She thumps the ground with the bottoms of her palms and a line of fire ignites for up to fifteen feet in front of her. When it reaches that maximum, it splits and creates a semi circle wall of fire that is thirty feet in diameter. At this point she loses control of the blaze. If the surrounding environment is combustible, Sailor Draik puts herself at risk by using this attack. Usually this is a last resort and she will normally flee the scene after the summoning is over.
Weapon: The Draik Inferno is a severe and fearsome attack, and its use alone intimidates Celeste. To make up for this, she has adapted to using a length of chain - one that is nearly 30 feet long that she guides with her hands. There is a weight the size of a gormball strung to the chain like a bead, as it is used to equalized the movement on the chain and even as a bruising opposition. The weight is smooth surfaced and black.

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