Sailor Chomby


Name: Kate Collins
Birthday: 16 Running
Zodiag sign: Pisces
Bloodtype: O
Age: 17
Home: Neopia Central, later Tyrannia
School: NCHS 10, 11, 12; Tyrannia University


Eyes: Small and grey; she wears glasses
Hair: Short, sandy blond and very messy
Height: Medium, about 5'2"
Weight: Pulling to the chubby side but not enough to be considered fat
Clothes: Wear out jeans and t-shirts mostly; she wears a lot of denim, black, or white clothes so she doesnít have to worry that they donít match. But she also has a thing for earthy tones. Normally has half a dozen colorful strings on her wrist, and canít remember what things they were support to remind her of.


Because of his job as a Yooyuball trainer, Mr. Collins was forced to move a lot; if his team did badly, or if he was offered more money, he would go to the home of the next team. Kate was born on Mystery Island and lived there until she was four; then she moved to Tyrannia for seven years (that's where she met Ana) and then passed three years in Faerieland. After that Mr. Collins entered politics and the family moved to Neopia Central.

Kate's parents have strong personalities and thought that the best way to deal with their daughter's distraction was to be very strict, so that she would eventually become more responsible. Though they acted like this because they loved her, Kate saw it as if they didn't like her and wanted her to be different. They made her feel ashamed of herself, especially in her young teen years when her father was becoming a more public figure.

She would have left home as soon as she turned thirteen, but her parents didn't think she wasn't ready. She couldn't disobey them. So when she finally finished school she declared that she wanted to study geography. Not because she liked it in any particular way, though she did get good grades on it in school; but because the best university to study it was in Tyrannia, and it was a great excuse to finally leave home. (Getting to see Ana again was an extra plus.)

But it turned out her parents were right: Kate is anything but ready for the real world. Her house is complete chaos, and if it weren't for the money her parents send her she would probably live off of omelette.


Likes: Rock climbing, hiking, rappel, Outdoors activities, Tyrannia, typical Tyrannian food, the poogle racers.
Dislikes: Her parents, loosing stuff, being late, bugs.
Hobbies: Rock climbing
Strengths: Good at geography, rock climbing, and sewing
Weaknesses: Forgetful, lazy, irresponsible and distracted

With parents like hers, one would think that Kate would turn out as a well-centered, structured girl. But Kate turned out to be the opposite of her parents. Since she was small, she was always misplacing her toys and was never good at keeping any ordered system. Even today she is constantly distracted, and with her terrible memory she can't remember where she left a thing.

She doesn't like being like this; when she realizes she has forgotten to bring something that is not only for her, like a class project or lunch for her friends, she will become very frustrated and start apologizing and suggesting things to solve the problem. (Normally Ana is the one who calms her down.) She has tried everything from day planners to tying strings on her wrist, but she will lose the day planners and forget what the strings mean.

But it's not as if she isn't to blame: she tends to be lazy sometimes and forget stuff, because she postpones things to the point of forgetting them instead of doing them the moment they are assigned, to avoid giving herself work.

Kate also isn't very agile and tends to fall or knock things over. This is one reason why she likes sports such as hiking, where her work won't affect other players and good coordination isn't very much needed.

But the only moment when her distraction seems to disappear is when she is rock climbing (or doing anything that involves being high up in the air or by a cliff). Maybe it's the fact that an error could be fatal that wakes her up; or maybe seeing everything and everyone so small gives her a sense of power; but the thing is, she will suddenly become more confident and agile and can move with more freedom and feel braver. This is one of the reasons why she adores going rock climbing.

Family & Friends

Parents: Mr. Collins is an ex-Yooyuball trainer (he retired when Kate was 14) with a modestly successful political career. Mrs. Collins is a meticulous housewife. They both are very severe, disciplinary and stubborn people. Thereís no doubt they love their daughter but they havenít developed the right way of showing to her, so Kate doesnít like them very much and prefers to live alone.

o0Serine0o: Female Spotted Chomby, She was a present from her parents when Kate turned 5 in an attempt to make her more responsible. Serine is loud and loves to party, she is girly and hate being painted such a dull color as spotted. She takes the role of the responsible one and treats her owner as a small child most of the time, but only because she knows that if she doesnít take care of her, Kate wonít get anything done and that would end up affecting her. Although Kate's parents pay their major needs as food and electricity, if Kate doesnít play games she wonít have enough money to pamper Serine.

Ana: Has been best friends with Kate since they were little; she is noisy, stubborn, confident and has no problem saying whatís on her mind (which normally is her being annoyed by Kateís forgetfulness). She is short and Tyrannian with long black hair and dark brown eyes. She is also a very tactile person: she hugs her friends a lot and says hi with a kiss, even to boys, even to boys to whom she has just been introduced. She normally comes with Kate when she goes rock climbing or on long walks but she doesnít enjoy them as much as her.

Daniel: Kateís friend from college (they are on the same geography class). He is the one to introduce her to rock climbing on a more professional scale. He has brown hair and amber eyes. In contrast to Kate he gives the impression of having everything under control. He is very talkative and a great cook. With Kate and Ana they made a inseparable trio.

Other: Kate becomes acquainted with some of the other sailors when during a school field trip to Tyrrania. They never becamed close friends but still try to keep in contact after they graduate.

Sailor Chomby

Aura: Old Gold
Secondary Color: Ochre
Henshin: "Chomby Neo Power, Make Up!" The earth around her moves and rises in thick columns, then they fall apart revealing Sailor Chomby.
Attack: Chomby Spin - She spins in the air and then kicks the target.

How to Write Kate

  1. She isnít very talkative; if she says something it would be in a very brisk way to finish it quickly.
  2. She is very exited about being a sailor at it seems to her as chance of being agile but not having to be hanging for her life.
  3. She is constantly forgetting stuff and finding it in the rarest places.
  4. Never trust her for important stuff. When going for a meting she will ask 3 times for directions.
  5. She is constantly distracted and doesnít see the small details or subtle things even when some people find the obvious.
  6. She is terribly scared of letting down people especially her parents (even if she doesnít like them much)
  7. Her pet, Serine treats her like a child but she really doesnít mind.