The Sailor Neopets RPG

SNRPG: The Sidekicks

The sailors and their pets aren't the only characters in the story; there are plenty of others, between the faeries, the friends, the classmates, the relatives, and the people who just defy categorization.

All of the characters who will be sailors in Series II are also side characters in Series I. Watch out for them!

Fyora, the Faerie Queen

The beautiful and wise Fyora inherited the position of Queen several decades after the original Sailor NeoPets were created. She has led the Faeries of Neopia through many crises, including invasion and war; she also remembers the chaos that ensued when the world was on the brink of a faerie war, and is determined not to let that happen again.

Fyora is the guardian from afar of today's sailors. She keeps tabs on their progress and has the Über-Faeries ordered to help and protect themin any way they need. Despite her small size, she can overpower almost any creature in Neopia; she spends most of her time in the Faerie Castle, and oversees the Hidden Tower.

This petite brunette Earth Faerie was designated to be the specific guardian of the Sailor NeoPets, and Leslie (Sailor Lupe) in particular. She was chosen because of her expertise in history and legend, and because her sphere aligned well with Leslie's gardening hobby.

Faeries can change size at will, but Kaen prefers to be approximately a foot tall. Because of her small size and ability to turn invisible, she can go just about anywhere undetected; she can also use the basic Earth-sphere abilities, though she isn't much help in a battle.

Her most valuable resource is her vast knowledge. Although she is by no means omniscient, she's the best source of information out there except for a few of the oldest and wisest (and most reclusive) faeries, or perhaps certain locked chambers in the Faerieland Library.

Kaen is usually good natured, but if she's ever grumpy or angry the quickest way to cheer her up is to feed her a few pounds of Fruity Faerie Fingers.
The Space Faerie

She used to live amongst the stars, but visited Neopia to save it from Dr. Sloth's first attack. Now the Space Faerie resides in the VirtuPets Space Station, rarely venturing out. This close to the planet, however, her power is incredible; she can create shields of impregnable strength and channel the power of the stars themselves to attack, and knows everything that goes on within the Station.

In personality the Space Faerie is much like Fyora, only far older, with eons of experience and wisdom. She knew the original Sailor Neopets, and though she interacts with their successors even less frequently than the Faerie Queen, she cares for them just as deeply.

All The Rest

Adam | Billy | Chase | Chelsea | Cross | Gretchen | Ilaria | James | Jenna | Keely | Kelly | Lab Ray Scientist | Lunete and Silvacheek | Margie | Paul

Kelly is a mysterious raven-haired individual. She has a rather mean outlook on life, as her parents died when she was a child. But she has several things to her advantage: her cunning, her strength, and her knowledge of the Sailor Neopets' true identities (she hid in a bush while they were de-transforming and took plenty of pictures). She uses the latter to bribe the senshi to do her bidding. However, occasionally she will come to their aid.

Her history was a sad one. Kelly grew up in a wealthy, nuturing family. At the age of six, her parents died in a car crash, and she was sent to an orphanage in Terror Mountain. Her life went downhill from there. The other kids in the home were afraid of her, especially since she gave the guy 5 years older than her a black eye and a broken rib for calling her names. When she was twelve, she left Terror Mountain to start on her own. She was also given her inheritance (500 million neopoints!) to help her. She adopted a Grundo, which she named 6_SlothStinx_9 and painted faerie. At the start of the series Kelly is a 16-year-old Junior at Neopia Central High, where she keeps her reputation as the toughest kid in the school.
Lunete and Silvacheek

Lunete and her brother Karl are the seven-year-old twin children of Cheryl, the member of the Adopt-a-NeoPet Guild who was most responsible for raising Leslie. After a rather tragic episode caused by (wouldn't you know it) Sailor Chia and company, Cheryl was badly hurt, and Lunete, along with her pet Silvacheek, ended up temporarily in Leslie's care.

Lunete is a very sweet little girl; she likes dresses with bows and ribbons and playing with dolls. She's also a big fan of slushies - any flavor, any time, anywhere. Silvacheek is an energetic little creature who can be a handful sometimes. Although Lunete can usually handle Silvacheek, it's up to Leslie to handle her - which is easier said than done.
Adam Walker

No, not the Adam. This is Adam Walker, a student at Neopia Central High who works at a branch of the Slushie Shop in Happy Valley. He once looked after Lunete while Leslie helped get rid of a Grunka as Sailor Lupe (she didn't tell him that, of course), and Unirus has a bit of a crush on his handsome blue Uni, Zephyr_Cumulus. His other pets are the gruff but solid Zephyr_Stratus, a red Skeith; and a little green poofball of a Pteri.

Adam has long red hair and an irresistable slow smile, and when he's not working, in school, or asleep, you'll probably find him snowboarding. He's a very earnest and open guy, but can be petulant.

He plays guitar (meaning that he can pick out three power chords), and is trying to get a band together with Stratus (who plays the drums) and a few others. Jean's been called in for her musical talents and her ability to push Adam to work. Although he talks (and complains) plenty, Adam has to be prodded to actually get up and do anything - like, say, ask Leslie (or perhaps Jean) on a date . . .
Chase Bennington

Chase Bennington, minor, drug addict, and fugitive. Chase was arrested on numerous accounts for smoking under age and graffiti-ing public property. It is a mystery how she got into Inigmah with a record like that but she did. Chase smokes. She's addicted to it . . . It's not like she doesn't try to stop . . . She can't . . . She needs help . . . And soon . . . Graffiti? It's bold and morbid. It chills the soul to the bone if that doesn't move you her photography will. Why is it that drug addicts have such a twistedly wonderful view of the world? Her pictures capture what words don't want to say . . . The darkness in everyone's heart . . . The world crumbling for someone . . . Or absolutely nothing . . . Strange isn't it how a picture of nothing can move someone to tears?
Jenna Punegger

Jenna is a very nearly brilliant girl who nevertheless values her social standing more than her integrity. She was ostracized in elementary school until she got sick of it and, at the beginning of middle school, confronted the popular girls with an offer: she'd do their homework if they treated her like one of them. Since she can be just as manipulative as Abbie (Sailor Chia) or Allie (Sailor Uni), she never got taken advantage of in the course of that deal.

Today Jenna is one of the most unique members of the "popular" crowd, and the one most secretly sympathetic to the plight of the "freak parade." Don't expect much help from her, though. She values her status more than anything, and won't stick her neck out for our heroines if it means she'll lose face, having declined to skip grades in favor of staying with the popular crowd with whom she has an edge.
The Lab Ray Scientist

The somewhat eccentric mastermind behind the Lab Ray, which can only be found by using a lost map; thousands of pets search it out, hoping to boost their stats, but find their colors, breeds, and even genders changing in the process. He's an anthropomorphic scorchio whose main interest is science for science's sake.

This makes the scientist hard to classify: "other character" or "bad guy"? In truth, he can be either. He was the creator of Kara Lynn (Sailor Buzz) and, later, her successor Diane - an unambiguous villain, whom he sent to kidnap Kara Lynn. Not that he had any nefarious purpose; he just needed more data on her. He's not immoral; he's amoral.

Nevertheless, his outlook has changed a bit. After being remarkably sympathetic to Jean's (Sailor Shoyru) case of unrequited love, he started acting rather like a very odd father figure to Kara Lynn. His calculating and coldly scientific approach to everything is made up for by a quirky sense of humor, and you can't deny that he's a genius.

Since then, the Lab Ray scorchio has made no appearances within the story; he seems to be on the side of the good guys, though he would have no qualms about teaming up with Dr. Sloth to further an experiment.
James Keresaspa

The older brother of Sailor Shoyru, James is the temperamental opposite of his touchy sister. He's calm, thoughtful,and scholarly, slow to anger and prone to thinking before he speaks. The only distinguishing factor in his appearance is the striking resemblance he bears to book-sensation-turned-to-movie-star Korry Batter. He's academically brilliant and loves to learn, so he's taking classes at the college level, where he's run into fellow prodigy Zelda Bay (Sailor Zafara). Surprisingly enough, he has a bit of a wild side - which only shows up when he's in a place like a club such as the one where he met Zoe Bay (Sailor Peophin). (He doesn't yet realize that Zelda and Zoe are different people.)

He wears drab brown clothing in a semiconscious effort not to draw attention,but Paul's entire being seems crafted not to draw attention. He has mousy brown hair and plain brown eyes that hide behind large glasses; his posture is unassuming and he speaks very little. It's partly natural shyness, and partly a desire to avoid being picked on or persecuted on account of that horn, among other things.

For Paul, like Ko-Kira (Sailor Scorchio), is a scorman: a human/scorchio crossbreed. But while she was transformed from a normal human by one of Dr. Sloth's experiments, Paul's parents were a human and an anthropomorphic scorchio. This is seen, not surprisingly, as dangerously deviant by the general populace, and thus Paul has never had the slightest chance of fitting in; he's perfectly happy to settle for simply not standing out.

So it was shocking when, having caught wind of Ko-Kira's solo Scorman Rights campaign, Paul decided to actually investigate it. Even more uncharacteristically, he then found himself agreeing to join it when Naomi (Sailor Wocky) and Melony (Sailor Moehog) proposed to take the concept to new heights of publicity. (He's also found out about their sailor identities, though he doesn't know Ko-Kira's yet.) Paul's strong sense of justice is taking on his terminal introversion, and only time will tell which will be victorious.
Ilaria Friskin

A junior high student and second-rate athelete with a lot of ambition and almost no shame. She seems nice enough at first, but disagree with her and you'll see her nasty, arrogant side. She's frank, generally objective, and argumentative, but also pretty hypocritical: she's been known to go crusading for causes she doesn't actually know that much about, and if she becomes convinced that the other side is right she'll flip-flop in an instant. Obstinate and competitive, she always plays for keeps. She loves Borovan and big explosions, and despises art and most creative endeavors.

Ilaria's mother died in childbirth, and she takes out most of her grief and frustration over this on her father's new girlfriend, Cordelia, and Cordelia's son Casey. Ilaria used to attend Ryshuu Middle School on Mystery Island, where her father and soon-to-be stepmother live, but she recently moved back to Neopia Central to live with her older brother, and now goes to Neopia Secondary.

Keely Isdeen O'Riley

Keely was once someone who was easily stepped all over. It has taken her quite a few years but her personality has changed a bit. Due to the bullying she went through in one of Neopia Central’s schools, she began to take martial arts. At first, she was in martial arts for the wrong reasons. She wanted to fight back; she no longer wanted to be helpless. This drive also taught her a good lesson. She found that even when she could fight back, it was never wise to. She is currently on the Battle track at Inigmah.

She’s more than willing to argue if she has a good reason to and if she believes she is right, you won’t change her mind without concrete evidence. She loves her music and will always be seen with four guitar picks around her neck. She does not play but she collects them. She mostly listens to punk and alternative rock but she never fit into the stereotypes. She’s slightly introverted and hates being pushed around even if it is only physically.

When she is fighting, she is extremely focused on everything around her and the enemy. She’s always watching for a moment to strike and even to advise others to strike if there is a need.

Chelsea Waters

One could say Chelsea's a "nice" girl. She's friendly and outgoing. But she's like SweetTart candies; she's got the sweet and sour/tart thing going on at the same time. She's rather pessimistic, cynical, and sometimes downright bitter. Blame it on her father. He was a pretty famous rock star, "Big Daddy Grarrl" [not based > on any real rock star] a.k.a. Gary Stone, at one time, and he ran away with some woman and left Chelsea and her mother behind. Even though he's not as famous anymore (he had his heyday a while back), he's still doing well and making music and he's still rich and living with the woman with whom he ran away.

However, Chelsea is becoming more peaceful thanks to her maternal grandmother, Obasan, who moved with with Chelsea and her mom after her husband died a couple of years ago. She likes to keep Chelsea in touch with her Japanese culture and tries to teach her the tea ceremony, how to be graceful, etc. Chelsea loves Obasan very much and enjoys having tea with her, but she isn't too into the gracefulness and silence Obasan tries to teach her. She is certainly not naturally graceful (except in swimming), but Obasan is helping her to become graceful.

Chelsea loves music and loves going to shows. She is rather wild and fits in well with the crowds that go to the shows she likes. If she isn't interested in something, she won't put forward much effort for it. If she's interested in something, she will be very motivated and dedicated and put forward lots of effort. Chelsea likes to immerse herself in the things she likes. She is very passionate. She also lives with herNeopet, a Koi named xOiPolloix.
Billy Grace: the hippest thing in rock

Billy is the type of guy that will play you - emotion-wise or investment-wise. He's smooth, always knowing what to say, and knows how to make sure his emotions don't get out. They're locked away, so all you can see is the attention-magnet that is Billy Grace.

He doesn't dwell on the past. If he did something wrong he won't care. At the end of the day, he'll still have tons of fans that love him. Billy is like his songs - they're all solo and hard rock. He has never relied on someone else for anything. He's also very punk, never showing a warm smile to people when he doesn't have to. And believe me, since he's THE Billy Grace, he doesn't have to.

Back in Y2, Billy met this real awesome band that was just out of their lead guitarist, and when it came to vocals, they were all pretty shoddy. Billy was their answered prayer, and they were his. The first time they played together was magic. Vain Glitter, as they called themselves, was a hit. Overtime, Vain Glitter (V.G.) began to call themselves Billy and the V.G.s.

After Billy noticed how his talent was overshadowing theirs, every member of V.G. was replaced, and he took his music with him. It didn't matter if they were pals before. Billy was on his rise to fame and fortune. During one of his performances at the Golden Doubloon, a talent agent gave Billy his card. He was so excited that the next week he was recording a demo. He got a record label- a first hit. For years, he was the biggest thing in big.

And then he vanished. Rumor has it that he has an obsession for the Sailor Neopets.
Gretchen Welsh
Gretchen is a 17-year old science lover and probably one of Skye's most closest cousins. Like her younger cousin, she's also very peaceful and idealistic...and big, but not in weight sense. She has long blond hair, usually in a ponytail. She has small ears and a rather small nose. She has small chocolate brown eyes. She's 6'1" and has broad looking shoulders. Likes wearing long skirts or sweaters.

She was born in Tyrannia and lived there until 10th grade, she moved to Neopia Central and tried to take the entrance exam to Ingimah, but sadly failed in doing so. Now she's settling for NCHS.

She still lives with her mother and father and hangs out with Skye often. She has two Neopets, the timid and cowardly blue Usual; Territuis. And eventually the hot-headed and bratty red Russian Gnorbu, Hesteradenen.
Cross Cresena
Cross Cresena is in his second year of college and is nineteen years old. He's currently studying Neopian Archeology and is the assistant of Lupin D. Howlright, another archaeologist. Is getting paid well at the moment because of this.

He is the older brother of Samantha Cresena and is the middle child of the family. He's /still/ living with his mother because she needs help in her shop. And is also staying because he's overly protective of Samantha. >>;

He has a dull style in pretty much everything. Clothing, music, food, etc. But deep down, he's not dull at all. He has the movement of a ninja, bakes cookies and is the type to give flowers to little old ladies.

Is somehow dating Chayo.