The Sailor Neopets RPG

SNRPG: Series 0 Sailors

The grandparents of the current Sailor Neopets!

The full story of their battle has not been written, but they come up - in references, in flashbacks, and occasionally in the current story, where the few left alive pass on what they can to help our heroines.

Sailor Acara I - ?:
Sailor Aisha I - ?:

Sailor Blumaroo I - Eira Simantro: Tall, with mulberry purple hair and sharp blue-grey eyes. She's passionate and finds inspiration in a lot of things, but was found to be one of the quieter and least recognizable people of the sailor team, which is a shame, because she's a jewel when befriended.

Sailor Bruce I - Jeanette Manchot:

Sailor Buzz I (Sailor Fleye) - Kara Lynn Quiner: Very creepy. Pale hair, huge eyes, propensity for doing bizarre things out of a dispassionate scientific interest in what happens. (That's how she ended up with a child.) Teams up with the Lab Ray scientist.

Sailor Chia I - Etta Spicer: Eternally cheerful, and horrible at taking responsibility. Short and chubby with a mop of orange hair. Loves eating. Excellent for comic relief, although when she grows up and needs to take responsibility that'll become a problem.

Sailor Elephante I - Lisenda ?:

Sailor Eyrie I - Garudi Lahiri: Full blooded Lost Desert denizen, Garudi is shapely and has dark brown features in every aspect (hair, eyes, skin). She's a sweet and soft woman with strong heart and an eye for detail. To preserve her lineage she was betrothed and married to her cousin. (Karma, her daughter, broke the tradition by marrying a Neopian Central citizen.)

Sailor Flotsam I - Kenny Slin: A real team player, a procrastinator. He has good intentions and likes to try and help out, but isn't a strong speaker. (Which is why he landed in prison shortly after his Sailor Neopet days.) He was very tall with black hair and had one blue eye and one green eye.

Sailor Gelert I - Agnes Banathy: An idealistic, determined, noble woman. Expects the best of everyone, believes in happy endings. Tries to take the high road, be chivalrous. Gets upset when people are traitors. Extremely loyal to her causes; an activist. Very short with purple hair.

Sailor Grarrl I - ?:
Sailor Jetsam I - ?:

Sailor JubJub I - Nicolas Gerace: Hairy, round and jolly. Cheerful; has a belly laugh. Joker. Can lighten the mood in any situation. Tends to panic and flee from extreme stress.

Sailor Kacheek I - Bonnie Colger: Auburn hair and hazel eyes. Is secretly in love with Sailor JubJub. Best friends with Sailor Tuskaninny. Is responsible but resentful of her duties. Likes sewing and group activites.

Sailor Kau I - ?:

Sailor Kiko I - Isabella Gerace: Flighty, artistic type. Actually lives in Kiko Lake (with special equipment and so on, of course) because the sea creatures inspire her. Loves to paint vibrant colours. Flexible and adaptable but hates silence and boring people. Sensitive to heat. Dark blue hair, wide blue eyes and pale skin.

Sailor Korbat I - ?:

Sailor Kyrii I (Sailor Fuzio) - Cristina Phillips: small with long blond hair which she wears on two low pigtails with some bangs at the front of her face. She had a very round face with a small nose and mouth. Her eyes on the contrary are big and blue.

Cristina was born and raised on a farm not far away from Neopia Central. Her family was very conservative and didnít believe in women taking part on any business. She moved to the city once she becamed a sailor. Made a shop to get some extra NP; ended up turning it into her full time job. After the war she moved to Terror Mountain to find a less crowded market. She never married but was engaged to her childhood friend Andrew OíConnor (who had worked at her family farm and them moved with her to Neopia Central) for 10 years.

Sailor Lenny I - ?:

Sailor Lupe I - Jacqueline Green: Tough, stern, coordinated. She's a born leader; while strict, she's trusted and respected by all. Long brown hair and brown eyes. Favorite food: chocolate Chias.

Sailor Moehog I - ?:

Sailor Mynci I - Desiderio Anunciacion Bueno: Flamboyant, outrageous, and concieted, Desiderio used to have the girls falling all over him. He was very muscular and had long, flowy blonde hair. Now, he still has long hair, but he has a potbelly.

And he still believes the women fall all over him. He's since married, but never lost that notion.

Sailor Nimmo I - ?:
Sailor Peophin I - ?:
Sailor Quiggle I - ?:

Sailor Scorchio I - Brenda Aiden: Bookwormish and shy. Is ochlaphobic (afraid of crowds). Has a large collection of ancient books. Would only fight someone to protect a loved one. Very tall and slender with short auburn hair and dark blue eyes.

Sailor Shoyru I - Jessica ?: Athletic and writerly, she has silky beige hair and a way with words. Tends to be socially withdrawn, but keeps an eye on things from the sidelines; she's good at listening to people. Steadfastly dedicated to keeping herself healthy. When she wants an escape, she transforms and goes flying.

Sailor Skeith I - ?:

Sailor Techo I - Antonius Rheinhold: Strong-willed, calculating, loyal, and principled. Chivalrous to a fault (he's been called a sexist on several occasions.) Cares deeply about his family and friends, but isn't very compassionate toward strangers. He has golden blond hair and dark green eyes. He is killed in the final battle with the Chaos Faerie.

Sailor Tuskaninny I - Pamela Trelight: Dark brunette hair and honey eyes. Very fashionable in her own way. Best friends with Sailor Kacheek. Well-to-do, but is kind towards the less fortunate. Feels being a Sailor Neopet gives her a real reason to be proud.

Sailor Uni I - Rose Dantes: She's the quintessential belle of the ball but don't let that fool you into thinking she is a damsel in distress. She is always up on the height of fashion and many times the center of attention when she walks in the room. Independant and always helping to make decisions. Charitable and always working to better Neopia.

Sailor Usul I - Tatiana Cassonade: Quiet, headstrong, and sweet. Used to be a plus-size model. Always has a listening ear, and is good at giving people advice. Likes to make Brooke clothing.

Sailor Wocky I - ?:
Sailor Zafara I - ?